Talk about how the webmaster to A5 webmaster nets and other classic web site learning

, Chinaz, A5 is classic, every day there will be tens of thousands of traffic influx; Tencent, NetEase is classic, every day there are one hundred thousand, active users active on top…… Many classics of success on the Internet, active atmosphere, huge flow, super popular return visit. Classic classics depend on classic, practical, practical, and valuable information, so we need to learn how the classics provide users with helpful information.

content is king, is one of the classic successful code, but content is king, is not an empty talk, but not meaningless tens of thousands of articles. Purely meaningless content will only cast Internet garbage, so Baidu again and three of the "left" of the various sites, there is news portal station, Wangzhuan station, station etc..

What information does the

website provide? What are the valuable


Utility — users enter each website, this website look as he lit a lamp, let him think so, just click into place, Wangzhuan site need to provide network project information to users, but not other industry information.

effectiveness – – in addition to providing users with information, the website needs to ensure that the information provided is very effective. For example, two days ago Google big update, many websites PR value "appreciation", can provide this information is very effective, because many webmaster eager to need this reference material.

value – whether an article is valuable, in addition to the click through rate of the article, the user’s review is very important. The article is written well and has no resonance. It’s just a good impression of the author, but it doesn’t feel like anything in the mind of the user. Therefore, the writing of an article needs to stand on the user’s point of view.

How does the

website implement the classic


a website to create a million units of flow estimation requires more than 2 years or even longer, so the site can update this goal need to ensure the content and Months and years pass by., value. The new station how to do? Is estimated in addition to create original articles, do nothing.

original topic, for the vast majority of the webmaster is a problem, I think so, but I insist to write original, how to write a search engine of the original article "? As I tell you how I do the original 30 minutes" said, the development of webmaster need to learn to imitate original, learn to think of the original theme and content.

but not difficult now, the search engine has a relatively high recognition for high weight website collection articles, even as A5, Chinaz, NetEase and other large, is also the process of indoctrination. But as a new station without any weight, but not large and comparable, in addition to the original update, he seems to have no law to retain more loyal customers.

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