Website must have its own unique content

in everyone’s impression, the Internet is a low threshold industry, do not need too much money, too many resources, as long as you rely on the tireless efforts of the webmaster, you can succeed. Because for the webmaster, as long as the application space, construction site, begin to copy paste, and then accumulate, and then wait for popularity, flow to a certain extent, you can make money.

in 2000, if a personal webmaster do, and to adhere to the present, he is successful, but with access to the Internet entrepreneurs more and more, to be successful on the Internet, to the threshold also started up, so how to make their own characteristics, and form their own unique advantages is the site builders must first consider the question, because in such a developed information, competition is so fierce, no special advantage is difficult to survive.

cited a recent example, some time ago I wrote an article: the industry website three months to build a profitable, released in the station network, and get the page recommendation, not long after there are three similar sites, indicating that the information on the network becomes transparent, new things will soon be copied, copied. Under such circumstances, it is difficult to defeat competitors without their own unique advantages. Like millions of squares in China, hundreds of similar websites have appeared in a month, and so far, people have forgotten their existence. Because of this website, it is difficult to form barriers to competition in the domestic situation, others know your thoughts today, you can do the same site out tomorrow, you are not what the value of existence, there will be no living space. So as a webmaster, before doing the station, should consider their own unique advantages in where,


how can you find your own unique advantages? I’ll give you some examples for your reference. For example, Li Xiang do bubble nets, the reason is that he has been to newspapers, magazines, computers, computer manuscripts, then they have a web site to release their own manuscript, some are not icing on the cake. It doesn’t cost much to do a website, but writing is not written by average people. This is a unique advantage. Webmaster network graph king too, know so many webmaster friends, do a site to communicate with you, this is it. I myself, because the instrument related software, often contact the instrument manufacturers, and their original has been doing a web site, so now do a 360 instrument network, that is, do not need a lot of effort. A friend to do Internet cafes business, Internet cafes to provide a variety of services, we often communicate together, it has also done a cyber cafe talent network. Because they know very much to Internet bar, so the website that makes out suits Internet bar to try very much. So, in addition to network technology, the industry is also very important to understand, technology is no longer important. If you know the Internet and understand the industry, you have your own unique advantages.

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