apply the experience of GGAD through the 2 hours and the personal webmaster voice

is so happy today. I got up at 8 in the morning and registered a good I put a 5UCMS program up. A garbage net. Think about how to make the garbage station to make money, holding the mentality of trying to apply for the next GGDA (because I used to apply for GG every time, not through rejection.). ) at about 10:20 in the morning, I filled out the GG application form.. Just wait for the recipient. At 2 in the afternoon.

I accidentally opened my mail.. GG wrote. Haha I see you pass. That’s so happy in my heart! I got the code in GG.. At my dumpster, put a few more codes on. When I went to see my account in the evening, I had more than 1 dollars.. I’m so happy. Well get to the point. I’m sure you all want to know why I applied so fast. Now let me tell you something about my experience.

first of all, I found a few PR1 to 2 stations in the webmaster forum, bought 2 pay connections, and then in Sina, SOHU, NetEase these 3 blog issued a link to their website. Then leave a message in other blogs and brush your website address (don’t brush it too much). Well, I think you should have no problem applying for it.

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