Give a webmaster a piece of advice How important is one

there are many "a" both joy and sorrow, will not refuse, it makes our life complete "a stick" may achieve "a dream", "an inclusive" might be "a harvest". Even though there are numerous "for a reason." we never condone "an excuse", the life can allow "a failure" opportunity never forgive "a mistake" webmaster is not unique, technology is not only profitable, is not the only one, but these numerous add up to make a person feel sad, but also make a person feel lucky


a website from the code to the style from the content to the frame, are not the only one, but is very important, if your site positioning, this mode is good, then you will soon become a numerous, but the only constant is the core of the business model, not casually can copy. If there was a lot of behind you, so the webmaster must strive for the first at the same time considering their unique characteristics, there will be recognized, like shops, although the various regions of the model, but each city really only, everyone together, than a good simple operation, good development, we each region is a set of procedures, but each region can only be a short period of one or two months, we have not a One, but dozens of one, we can not say that it is a success, but a group is moving towards success, unique pattern, distinctive subject, to shops as a breakthrough point. With the operation skills, I believe our team will come more and more, common to the way well, here I hope to have the ideal target station can come together to all regions of the operating well, take this one to do dozens, hundreds,

shops from running a month, N was improved more than "a problem", more harvest N a "moved", let us insist on down, it is your "an understanding" of "a tolerance", thank you very much for the various regions of the user. Now shops are about to go to a "tomorrow", "an effort", "a rigorous", "a good faith", of course, "a concern about us",

all these "a" we look forward to "not one less" shops! Thank you for your support, I hope you can come and qq50904331 me, a common development platform, a brand! If I sincerely to help you, thank you



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