T review circle Guangdong group after the party feeling

I participated in the Liu Xingliang IT review circle Guangdong group aggregation, although this aggregation is not many people, but from all walks of life in IT. We talked about advertising, games, VC, personal Adsense, traffic, PV, etc.. A rare aggregation, everyone’s inspiration and enthusiasm all mobilized. Perhaps IT’s lack of communication, they hide not open their hearts on the exchange.


party discussed an interesting phenomenon: Internet Watch experts once heard that you could become an expert if you had been in the industry for more than three years. It’s these so-called experts who have taken the Internet to a dead end and lost their way. The expert is misleading, said classified information network, video network, to what time how much profit, but the data show that still in the burn, burn not only withdraw from the competition, kuxun, MySee is a good example. In fact, the Internet is the lack of consultants, an adviser is not just a technology, marketing, promotion of talent, but more importantly, grasp the overall situation, grasp the future. In the major decision-making, to play a staff role, to promote decision-making democratization, scientific, but also one step ahead of the success of the ancestors.

51 why will success? I think there is 80, resulting in non mainstream, the achievements of the 51.com. But the trend is changing, and now many after 80 gradually do not like unconventional, and gradually returned to the mainstream. I think 51 now need to transition, and gradually turn the non mainstream into the mainstream, the mainstream is long-term and majority.

, I’m not really a IT. The only one I can say is IT. I’m a computer user. I’ve learned some software. And why do I like IT instead of doing it?. First, there is no ability, two is afraid of greasy. I had thought Bangren some bad idea, those people said they did not think of the people in IT. They stayed there for a long time, rather than thinking of it. Perhaps when ignorant, is the most dynamic time.

I suddenly thought of grassroots entrepreneurship, if the money is running the company, no money can say entrepreneurship. Why does grassroots want to start a business? Individuals feel that they are challenging the limit, proving strength and making more money. And grassroots entrepreneurship, I am optimistic about personal websites.

is now a lot of individual webmaster, a space plus domain name on it, absolutely is low threshold of entrepreneurship. Take hao123’s Li Xingping for example. He discovered the demand of Internet users, and then satisfied the demand, and hao123 succeeded. Next, there are countless imitators, followers of the trend is impossible to succeed in business. If the root segment out to do something, I do not like the hao123 navigation network, looking for other needs, such as service to the people of a certain kind of navigation network, such as webmaster navigation, navigation segment after the game, made its own brand, that is more likely to succeed.

The advantage of

individual stationmaster lies in decision-making force, executive force is quick. From the program development, art, page production to content updates, website publicity, advertising, sales, business cooperation, and so on by a person to complete. Personal webmaster >

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