How can social networks survive without social core values

subscriber growth slows down domestic social networking sites in case of bottleneck

if the success of the American buy site Groupon lured the domestic group buying industry crazy copy, then Facebook’s hot, let Chinese social networking sites to imitate. Facebook continues to develop at the same time rely on technology continues to challenge the Google and Microsoft, and the domestic social networking sites has encountered development bottleneck, in growing pains. Not long ago, the 360 circle and ant net two social networking sites because of funding problems raised in 2010 Chinese closed social networking site reshuffle, the three social networking sites of happy net, and have different degree encountered a variety of problems, data decline. Social networking site market size and the number of users growth continued to slow, in 2009, China’s SNS market size of 776 million 600 thousand yuan, an increase of 55.9%. China’s SNS market users reached 176 million, an increase of 68.3%. This seemingly gorgeous data, in fact, do not know, in 2008, China’s SNS market size and user scale growth was as high as 344.6% and 138.4%. In the days prior to the convening of the Chinajoy game show, Qianxiang interactive chairman and CEO Chen Yizhou said that this year the overall user SNS website did not rise. He also admitted that the company’s turnover was down for the first time this month.

social networking is not social, SNS+ social game mode is difficult to retain users

What’s the cause of

‘s serious slowdown in social networking sites, which have long relied on the development of a SNS+ social game to attract users?. Social games represented by stealing food have been popular, and reprint has become the main form of social networking interaction. However, the common social game the life cycle of an average of 1-3 months, users tired of the game and make frequent replacement of the social networking site user stickiness and loyalty becomes very low, gathering a large number of users in the short term is difficult to maintain long-term, although the user has been growing, but the increasing user sleep from the actual effect on the offset surface the user data caused by the growth of the. Plus this year the overall downturn in the game industry, game industry as new SNS social web games with the background of the game industry and bad growth decline, this is the SNS+ social game profit model cast a shadow.

The decline of

social games is simply one of the reasons why it is difficult to retain users, and the blurring and loss of core values of social networking sites have further exacerbated the loss of users. What is the biggest reason for Facebook’s success? I want to seize the core value of social networking sites, is the interpersonal network, through a variety of application will not only value line extends to the line, but will expand this relationship on the internet. When it comes to network dependent relationships, the stickiness of users rises to a new level. While the domestic social networking sites, still stay in the game, if a variety of tasteless gesture component >

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