How to make web site visitors a supporter of the site

in almost all of the industry, customer satisfaction is the most important, the site is the same, you want more people to use your product or service, and turn them into supporters, FANS. These supporters, FANS are extremely loyal users. They are not tight enough to resist the temptation of your competitors and will give you a big boost. These supporters are a non paying promotional team that is a great driver of your website’s continued growth.

so, how do you get your website to get more user support? According to Gallup’s customer needs principle, the most important thing is to fully grasp the needs of users. There is a wide variety of user needs, but there are four requirements that are strikingly similar. These four requirements are hierarchical, and only after low-level expectations are met will users move to higher expectations. Next, I’ll arrange these four expectations from low to high, and tell everyone what your website users need to do —


first, users expect accurate. For example, the medical station ( users hope that the website provides accurate information on diseases, and hope to see some of the characteristics of the hospital, not the popular thing, which is reference for visitors to. Baidu users want the content to be accurate and will not search out. If a website is unqualified, no matter how gorgeous, how convenient it is to use it, users will leave.

second, convenient. If it’s a shopping website, make the purchase as little as possible. As much as possible to teach less clicks, so that users can reach any page, increase the station search function, allowing users to easily find the content required, site navigation, search engines appear to confirm the importance of convenience.

third layer, users look forward to a partnership. They want you to listen to their suggestions. Take them as their own, so that they feel that the development of the site also has their efforts, the development of the site can not do without them. Many friends have realized this, often see some websites have " and * * network together to build community " " our development is inseparable from your support, ".

below are some ways to make your users feel that you treat them like yourself.

1. Set up opinions and suggestions in the website, and quickly respond to members’ opinions and suggestions. For example, in the forums, ask for suggestions on how to improve your website and present small gifts to members who offer effective suggestions.

2. With the benefits of membership tied to the site, a while ago, I saw such a website abroad, to provide users with album, users can provide photos from the click through rate or get the corresponding advertising revenue. This will greatly increase the enthusiasm of users. Many BBS websites have integral system, but there is not much real role, at most let members vanity, he is more than others, and NetEase fuel tank points to a certain number, you can smoke

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