Personalization and verticality are the best outlets for site navigation


web site navigation, you might naturally think of hao123, a lot of old users have used hao123 site navigation, it is no exaggeration to say that the 50% old Internet users through the Internet, click on the hao123 web directory is from the beginning. While the hao123 is more familiar with the source stationmaster in 2004 50 million acquisition by Baidu, to create a personal website from the myth of wealth, such as site navigation like bamboo shoots after a spring rain out, plus the site navigation is simple and easy to do, does not require complex technical content, a lot of people are keen on site navigation.

but I also found that although a large number of Web site navigation, but do well is very rare, is successful have certain resources promotion channels do, such as 265, 114la, 2345, 1616 and 360, in the later site navigation on the site navigation or by piracy system started, either by doing the client started, 265 site navigation purely to drop out of money, so do the site navigation station, if there is no good resources and the promotion of funds is difficult to transcend several existing web site navigation.

beyond the site navigation station is not to say that there is no future, on the contrary, web site navigation market in great demand, China users love web site navigation, this and foreign users more accustomed to search engine has significant difference. In foreign countries, Internet users mostly use search engines as their navigation methods, such as Yahoo and Google. But many domestic users are keen on this seemingly technical content is not high web site, so you can say that the success of web navigation site is reflected in the development of Chinese characteristics in the internet.

, according to iResearch iResearch market consulting iUserTracker data show that navigation website users have more than 100 million coverage, accounting for nearly 1/3 of China’s total number of Internet users. IResearch believes that the rich flow and lay a good foundation for the operation of all kinds of navigation website advertising model, such as all kinds of brand display advertising, text link advertising, rich media advertising mode of operation.


web site navigation vertical industry can bring direct consumer and brand value for the promotion of enterprise website, so the majority of business website owners alike, is one of the best way for enterprise website advertising publicity, so the market segmentation and personalized web site navigation industry prospects, has great potential.

recently I made some of the more interesting web site navigation, such as the 7029 site navigation station (, the site uses the most popular blue background, atmosphere and simplicity, and common website is different, the navigation site in the most obvious part of a station not only famous navigation links, as well as practical inquiry, commonly used software, popular songs play classic games, other users favorite and most commonly used several function page links, can be said that as long as the login 7029 web site navigation, can meet the basic primary users >

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