You need a little bit of creativity to build a new station

simply write this article, just give us some creative ideas.

I want to do a beauty, but beauty is very much, I am a new station, how do traffic, how do the ranking? My beauty and others and what is the difference? I have what new ideas lead to let my customers and others do not


after analysis, I found out my creative ideas, and then according to my ideas to do, the whole process is as follows:

1, chose a domain name, bought last year, Baidu, GG included, there are only 2-3 pages;

2, chose dedecms, and rearranged the keywords;

3, according to my ideas uploaded pictures, with some content;

followed the publicity: "


the first 18 days is a mass QQ mail, the effect can reach 100ip per day,

later Baidu rankings came up, it seems that SEO played an effect;

and IP every day in 20 days after the rising, every IP broke the 2000ip mark, reached more than 30000 PV, ha ha, of course, what we have here is creative, for IP is not what people say;

if the station continues, will do very well, but unfortunately, because I do not know which keywords beautiful pictures, offended the supervisor, give me off, I am dizzy! But you can see my web page snapshot (to see the previous snapshot, Baidu seems to be to delete data the open after).

more than 2000, IP, more than 30000 PV, everyone can think of, should be pretty good,


so let me finally tell you the way of thinking:

other people’s beauty online there are many beautiful pictures, but from the visitors psychological analysis, see beautiful pictures, hope to get in touch, you want to, if you can contact the photos in the mm, how good,


so, I put all my beautiful pictures are written on this beautiful woman’s QQ number, came to one: China’s first beauty with QQ number of beauty nets


, this is a train of thought, and will certainly be successful ideas! My blog contains more of my ideas, and hope to communicate with the webmaster online friends!


welcome everyone to communicate with me, my qq:442666789, online unparalleled

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