Web site instability resulting in site by Baidu K

last night as usual to see Statistics website, found today Baidu people really think less, less because the Internet is Saturday, Saturday later found not ah, go to the site home page, let me is: sorry, be frightened and change color with "site: soonyuan.com" page not found. Thought: is this the legendary Baidu K station,


my this station is a station that helps customer to maintain, Main: crystal handicraft, www.soonyuan.com. It also used in Admin5 of SEO, see some Adsense online website optimization articles, also tried experiments were carried out on the site, really get a lot of results, this station is a new station, about 3 months or so, from the beginning of the 1 week included Baidu, Google, contains only home to a few days before Baidu, Google included more than 160 pages, natural ranking in the top 8, have a lot of experiences, because crystal handicrafts, these words are relatively popular. During the 2-3 months time, the amount of Web site, PR, traffic, etc., are slowly rising, but also to improve the customer’s business, the customer is very happy.


in early June when good times don’t last long, found the Baidu snapshot to May 22nd, after discussions with many SEOer, found that there are many stations in recent correction signs, it is the problem of Baidu, in order to nip in the bud, I was on the website of the suspected "unreasonable" places were adjusted is the main part of Links were deleted and adjustment, increase the original article and a few keywords adjustment. Then stick to the daily update. After 10 days of waiting, the 10 day is really tough feeling ah, around June 14th, Baidu once again updated my station, and found its peer sites also have different levels of the update, I think the Baidu algorithm adjusted the great possibility in this period.

sure enough, after 2 days of my site included a sudden increase in the amount of more than 30, some of the words "rapid" ah, many are ranked in the top 5, the flow of a record, this cola bad for me, is in front of ten days is the darkness before the dawn of the day period? A particularly good mood…

as the saying goes well, sometimes happy and sometimes sad, in this happy moment, Monday night where I was suspended by unknown server failure, the website does not open, I thought it was a normal maintenance, etc. after the meeting, is still not open, then what to consult. Understand the need to reply to wait a day off, the server was closed due to virus invasion, later in the evening to the space business site for the relocation, in the morning in the normal open, this time has been very worried, if Google and Baidu just stable during this update how to do? I found website still did not reduce the amount included in the a day later, the heart was put down..

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