Talking about the development of local female station

engaged in this industry has 6 years of history, from designers to management, to the webmaster, during the walk a lot of detours, but also a lot of bitterness,

like many webmaster, day and night suffering, one of the biggest feature is the eye with relatively large, until 2006, before the beginning of the local portal station and station industry planning and operation, most began to engage in a window of Xi’an thinks, the domain name is also good, because of the need to manage a large number of personnel, is currently negotiating cooperation intention later, promising to engage in a local women’s website domain name go on the line for 2 months, the 4K I P on the flow, since that can also, I simply talk about their

: the first method is familiar to everyone, each big forum, Fateh, soft, but due to limited manpower, so the effect is not good.

second: local Internet cafe promotion, the effect is good, the price is also affordable, because the Internet has a purpose, I mainly for the liberal arts university more centralized Internet cafe publicity,

third: personally think it is a small skill: in talent online high salary recruitment of fresh graduates, and candidates must visit your station, I didn’t say, everyone should know how to do.

fourth: the main goal is teachers, the method is more traditional,

fifth: traditional flyer publicity, but with a purpose

fifth: QQ group, local, target groups are also concentrated.

The most important thing about

is optimization, SEO

for reference

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