LZCMS a brief talk about the investment of domain name

recently I also successfully received some domain name, which is also part of high shot, these days always see some articles about the domain name in the webmaster website, here is a simple matter to write about the domain name investment should pay attention to.

one. Optimistic about the collection, want is fast

why, in fact there are some time, it is a rare opportunity, opportunity. Two years ago, I had the opportunity to buy luzhu*cn domain name, as long as 50 yuan, I did not want, and now accompanied by pinyin meters upgrade, people directly open is five figures. Now think about regret, so in order to make up for the comfort of the heart, I have registered a luzhu.org, this total or not CN, looking comfortable. Com even less, they do not sell civilians directly. In short, as the webmaster you, usually take a fancy to, have the opportunity to close. Of course you do the rice farming is different.

two. The shot is on sale,

in fact, some people buy a rice, which is what a few seconds, people ask you, you do not agree, may be people do not want. Why do you say so?. I was a meter whhl.cn meters a few days ago, the others came to 600, I was never worth this price, so did not sell. Now ask someone else, half price is not. So sometimes, when people ask you, you are the right one.

three. The length of the meter.

some people might want to say, "meters long, not good, can not sell a good price, investment is also a white investment.". If you are an amateur webmaster, usually close to the point of millet, find point difference, to be sure to choose, and sometimes may be a hot potato. The value of the meter is not in length, but more importantly in meaning and meaning. For example, I recently received gelinmei.com long, the 8 is long, but people are listed company’s stock name, the company name, that is, I do not believe that the future can not hand. So sometimes can not just look at the long rice is not good meters, it can not, the recent Alipay Pinyin meters don’t


to sum up, as a small and medium-sized webmaster you, usually have time to invest in meters as an amateur, sometimes one or two meters, you can bring high returns. Of course, I did not succeed in the five digit value of the meter, only shot four digit value of rice, there are many deficiencies, we have to learn. Good luck to you all. These are some of my own views, talk about relatively shallow, welcome to correct me, and I communicate QQ:93065410 dew CMS website: http://s.www.LZCMS.com.

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