User experience analysis simplify input and make web forms more approachable

most people don’t like to fill out forms, because people come to the website and the main purpose is not to fill in the form, but to browse or buy. Well designed forms that make the input smooth and pleasant, while the bad design makes the wall bleed. What is the best form? Page layout, logical organization, visual style and so on are worth paying attention to details, which simplify the input is often mentioned recently, here I share your work experience…

1, the larger input box

adds the height of the input box, bold font, so that the input box on the page looks easier to fill and read. As the size of the computer monitor becomes larger, the input box also looks more atmospheric.


2, adding the chooser.

is better than providing input, providing selection, and selecting content as long as a few points, automatically filling into the input box, not only can reduce input barriers, but also prevent mistakes. Any desired data can be made into a selector, such as date, color, address or history, and so on.

for example: in front of the "other account name" input box to fill in the name of the person, if the other name has Chinese characters do not know how to do it? So we can select the device, plus a rare words such as:


open the font, you can select Chinese characters according to the fuzzy pronunciation, fill in the input box. In addition, the name input box is checked. After the selection is complete, don’t forget to check the input box again.


3, preset text.

uses preset text to simplify input, often seen on the phone, and is now also used on Web pages. For example, the micro-blog input box will retain the last time you did not send the content, you can re edit.

will also see the mix of "input prompt" and "preset text" on the internet. Of course, you can call them all, but understand that these are two ways of interacting. The purpose is to fill in the input prompt guidance, focusing on input box text and the preset text is lost; formal content to be modified, the font style should be the same as the formal input style, focusing the text will not disappear.

when required and optional input form encountered difficult choices when considering the preset text is a good compromise. For example, in a payment application form, the user needs to fill in the main is the "other accounts" and "payment", that is an optional payment. But for the system, you must also collect payment instructions as one of the transaction credentials. How do you handle this payment? Compare the following 3 ways. Obviously, the check box is not suitable because the user >

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