Several factors leading to the Baidu K station you know

1: Links in Baidu K station, will be affected by their involvement, led by K station or Baidu down the right, so the webmaster to be on the safe side should always check your website Links website! If Links station was Baidu K station, shall promptly withdraw to forward the


2: website traffic through Baidu too much caused by K, especially the long time not included new sites, if every day from Baidu IP with tens of thousands of words can be careful, you will likely be Baidu drop right or K stand. Another point is that Baidu grab traffic is K. as for what is grab Baidu traffic, this can not say, only their own personal experience to know


3:SEO over, such as keyword density is too high, even more is the use of keywords. Repeat keyword, SEO cheating! SEO black hat techniques: hidden links, hidden text and so on to those most likely to lead to site is K


4: the chain to increase a little, don’t add too much! Otherwise will cause the search engine to punish you, Links is best not more than 50, if Links too much, is likely to be Baidu as a link to the factory processing.

5: there are illegal or politically sensitive content in the station, the article repeats too high, was identified as garbage stations and so on.

if these are not words, there is only one reason, Baidu simple ranking float, if this is the case, so a few days should pick up, back, after exclusion of the above circumstances, Baidu or human factors. A few days will return to that site is often.

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