Commercial websites need marketing seo

said the website SEO, most people think of first is the Title Optimization, code optimization, this is not wrong, but for such a time of change, the traditional SEO can meet the current needs? The fundamental purpose of business website is to identify the market profit, so in this era, ordinary SEO can not do is to maximize the benefits. We urgently need a transformation – Marketing type seo. Why does commercial SEO Need Marketing SEO,


one, the business website needs is the user

as long as it is the website that pulls money, can be regarded as commercial website, the purpose that builds commercial website is very clear, it is to attract flow to bring clinch a deal. However, many traditional SEO concerns are one-sided, blindly seeking rankings and traffic promotion. Traffic may come up, but in the end there is no customer, this is very sad thing. Therefore, SEO can integrate SEO and marketing strategy, not only can solve traffic problems, but also can solve customer problems. The commercial purpose of the website has been achieved before it can reflect the value.

two, how to do marketing seo


Marketing SEO is different from other SEO. The scope of thinking is wider, the purpose is more clear, and the profit maximization.

1, orientation

Marketing SEO need to find direction, what is the profit point of commercial websites, that is, Marketing SEO need to promote the direction, SEO is only a means to achieve the ultimate goal. Screen out meaningless users and promote them for the biggest trading people.

2, find the way,

Seo promotion methods have many kinds, blog promotion, BBS promotion, QQ group promotion, mail promotion, search engine ranking, B2B/B2C platform promotion, etc.. It’s one of the SEO promotional techniques. However, different sites are not suitable for all promotions. Specific promotion should be consistent with the current industry user groups. If users don’t use blogs, blogging is a waste of time.

3, marketing +seo

found that many websites in the lucrative industry are single pages, but they can get very large users. In fact, this is the integration of Marketing SEO method. For instance。 Marketing products, and blindly show the role and advantages of products. Or use a large case to illustrate the role of the product. Although two can get very good rankings through SEO, but the latter transaction rate will be much higher than the former. Therefore, through the rational layout of the page, into marketing ideas, will meet the greater degree of users, and produce benefits.

site is not a good ranking, there will be a good volume, the need to guide users to clinch a deal, otherwise it is wasted effort. (this article was initiated by the Wuhan psychiatric hospital

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