A small Adsense on the domestic effect of advertising alliance evaluationGG VS MM which kind of adve

2. reach the advertising alliance clickvalue.cn

this alliance is not high to the website request, many sizes webmaster, the blogger has joined. Also very concerned about the webmaster, built several webmaster group, customer service is the answer. The advertisers in this family are average, not many, not many, and CPA, CPS, CPC all have some. The biggest drawback of this alliance is that the system is not working well, the data is returned the next day, the data is not detailed enough, a website must register an account number and so on. Recently, it seems that the new system is being tested, and the new system should be corrected.

customer service alliance linktech lot, this with you, the also with you, I know there are seven and eight. The alliance’s CPS is pretty good, and the real time return of the data is also very detailed. Since the linktech alliance team to go out and create a unique alliance, linktech and downhill, of course, I do not say this. In short, now is a very good union, I see there are still a lot of webmaster support linktech alliance.

, known as China’s best CPA, CPS advertising alliance, the alliance’s biggest advantage is that the data is real-time returns, commissions paid on time. These two points at home, the advertising alliance is the first. CPA is also the largest advertising alliance, there are many high-quality CPA advertisers, and now CPS advertising also developed faster. Now basically can be said to be the largest advertising alliance. The net is the biggest disadvantage results webmaster alliance with poor communication, more than a year of achievements, with the customer did not talk a few words, consult a problem for a long time did not reply, only a month to send money to invoice the customer service will contact you. There are many ads can not apply through, ha ha, maybe the alliance is big, and now cattle.

webmaster news list www.admin5/top

now small and medium-sized Adsense website income, almost all rely on do League advertising. Small league deduction amount, and credit is not reliable, and the sh419 alliance threshold is too high, so, GG and MM Ali mother and accounted for the vast majority.

was the first to say, "no, not a coalition shooter, and never got any special care from an alliance.". This article is only from my personal use of these alliances experience and feelings and written, does not represent the views of all the webmaster, for webmaster reference only. For more than a year, I have basically done all of the domestic alliances, and I have written my feelings and thoughts about these alliances.

, I’ve only been in the League for a week, and I’ve never landed in it. Only one ad was tested, and I did other alliances with dozens of data every day, and the alliance did not have one data for a week. Available >

stayed up 2 nights without a rest, dazed, confused, written in a mess, and I just said, do stand some feelings, feel bad, read the direct X, do not curse. Thanks

MM advertising is very poor, a few cents a day, and the advertising match is too poor, because advertisers are too little reason. The biggest highlight of MM is that you can sell advertising directly. But for small grassroots webmaster, the opportunity to sell is too small, and the price is too low. A location of 1 yuan a week, and even 0.1 yuan of no meaning, and even the space domain name fees are lost.

3. linktech network marketing alliance linktech.cn

I have 6 stations now, 3 for MM and 3 for GG. One of my websites is around PV5000, and the GG ad click rate is 0.8%-1.5%, an average of $2-3 per day. Not really optimized, that is, adjust the display position and background color.

if you want to earn some pocket money, go to GG. Of course, the traffic is so high that MM might be able to get a good price.


1. results network alliance chanet.cn

4. sends the advertising alliance eqifa


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