Personal AdSense and domestic CPA advertising alliance life and death chapterTai Hao a send CPC prod

welcomes the majority of web owners to join T2C in the ad campaign.

              however, from the beginning of the 07 year, I put the site up, then, to see friends around in second, I began to dream, the performance was okay, but from the beginning of the 08 years, I will have some. Some online advertising alliance is really difficult to do, sometimes think, individual owners cheated alliance and advertisers, and advertisers or alliance cheat personal webmaster, I am not saying that we should know, it is difficult to do domestic CPA personal Adsense ads, is now facing the collapse of the step, personal webmaster no initiative, his life and death in the league and the advertiser’s hands, they can easily find a reason K you buckle you, you do not have any ability to fight back, not to say that all the National Alliance, at least, there is a large part of this, I just want to say that the alliance and the advertisers. For a personal webmaster Don’t go, in the month, and a large number of black deduction amount. If Chinese, without a lot of personal webmaster support, as long as a few of the larger sites also cannot survive. I hope personal webmaster can a lot of advice to the league.

payment date:

month end of the month

1 not allowed to change any advertising code, otherwise the effect is not statistical, can not optimize the code.

more information as in the League: top.admin5/u.shtml
to join Admin5 alliance channel, please contact the
if you are a Union Commissioner, please give me the latest information feedback, we in the first time to report to you. Feedback ,

excellent advertising creative advertising creative: send Q coins color, suitable for all types of sites running.



: monthly settlement Commission

         记得好像是02年的时候,我开始在网上看贴子,看到有人招注册手,招发贴手什么的,我就试了一下,果真,真的付钱了,当时,心里挺爽的,虽然只有几毛钱,不过,那是我从来没有想到的事,就从那开始,有一些作网站的朋友开始,招人注册广告,我想注册呗,当时给人家当苦力也能赚几十,不过,就在我辛苦劳动的过程中,被人家骗了,白干了活,白辛苦,心里很不舒服,心想为什么别人可以用网站赚钱,我就不能呢,从那之后,我就申请一个免费的二级域名网站,做广告,当时一个星期赚了六百多,我的天呀,简直像做梦一样,我的梦呀,天天在做,不过,好梦不 Long, I do not long, because some of the things put aside the website.

at a time

advantages of this promotion:

data feedback: two

                everybody is good, not too much, I’m just an ordinary garbage station station, regardless of size, are part of a network, when you contact the site, or do not understand a Wangzhuan of Internet users, the I never thought the Internet will make money,

3 there is no guided text around the ad to induce users to click.


advertisers: send

delivery rules:



in answer to send Q coins website activities that have a chance to collect coins.

2 must be placed under the domain name approved by the audit, otherwise the effect will not be counted.

billing mode: CPC


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