6 anonymous entrepreneurs sharing the most feared thing in my heartSP’s transformational opportuniti

every entrepreneur has fears in his heart, but they rarely share this feeling. Six anonymous entrepreneurs in this paper are willing to open their hearts to everyone.

1. " I worry that I will work tirelessly, and finally life in work, can not enjoy life. I don’t have time to be with my family. I have twins, who have just started learning to walk. I don’t want to face iPhone and laptops all day and ignore them. While I’m with them, I don’t want to be bothered by work. I want to spend more time with my family and not be interrupted by emails or phone calls. I want more free time to think, read, relax and take a walk. When I started my first company, I felt busy only to prove myself important. Now, the time of freedom is the sign of true success. "

3. " my biggest fear is, cooperation and industry partners such as suppliers, when wealthy they found that we are a small company, it may not be willing to cooperate with us. "

4. ": my biggest fear is that I don’t want to be an entrepreneur. Before I started my company, I hate the business circle, because it is very cruel, the only goal is to maximize profits, there are a lot of waste things, such as long time work, bad boss, boring meeting etc.. But now that I have my own company, I find that being a startup doesn’t solve my problems. To succeed, I wind myself up, work for a long time, and get no pay, no organization, no colleagues to talk to. Although you can read about the story of laid-off workers becoming millionaires all day long, it is less than 1>


2. " I’m afraid every month, there is not enough cash flow, afraid of my company completely shut down. I’ve cried so many times that I’m afraid these conditions will come true. "

in fact, people who are able to choose the road to entrepreneurship are courageous enough. Yet even the founders, who have been in business for years and even successful, have experienced internal anxieties and fears. Perhaps some fears are insignificant in your eyes, and some fears make you deja vu. But one thing is for sure, it’s not easy to share your fears with others.

the first case of SP wireless value-added service provider to the traditional record company acquisitions, for a period of time to SP of original music chase reached the white hot. In November 14th, Hurray NASDAQ:HRAY announced the acquisition of private label record Feile 60% stake and renamed Hurray feile.

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this generous offer, before the company to Huayi Brothers signed the "super girl" Jane Zhang move quickly in the SP two with the record industry made waves. Digital music has become a hot topic in the industry, some analysts even believe that Internet companies and traditional music companies or "grafting" will directly influence and even change the music industry value chain structure and profit model.

the RIAA figures show that the first half of 2005, the digital music market share by about 1.5% over the same period in 2004 increased to more than 4%.

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many entrepreneurs feel that they must always be confident that they will win the trust of customers, employees, and investors, so they have to hide their inner fears deeply. Here, you might as well take a look at the experience of these six Entrepreneurs:

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