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, once a friend do PE friend told me that Alipay and VANCL start-ups are looking for him, to raise the seed money, but they do not vote so early. I listened to the foot, I was voted early, if they find me, I might vote: Generally speaking, corporate executives to work out aged, or the success of enterprises to create a new project Taobao, WeChat, the success rate is much higher than that for the first time entrepreneurs.

real intelligent machines should be able to understand vague expressions, assemble parts into furniture, pass the human four grade science exam, and even more. The difficulty of these tasks has proved that the artificial intelligence of human standards is still beyond the reach of speculation.

4, I want entrepreneurs to understand the meaning of teamwork. Team spirit is not the wine and dine harmony, it is called "a mercenary friend"; not only verov promise to listen from, that is called "employment consciousness". Team spirit is what? Team spirit is in the common values and mutual respect and cherish the premise of mutual support and promotion. My relationship with Yu Minhong and Wang Qiang in New Oriental is this relationship. This is the most precious treasure in my life.

in the hearts of the people, Alan · the "imitation game" Turing machine as the subjects tried to convince a human test of their own people rather than machines have long been considered to be the ultimate test of artificial intelligence.

in 2014, a man named Eugene Goostman chat robot by masquerading as a 13 year old boy from Ukraine Odessa which passed the Turing test, the boy never answer the question in the test. Some testers were successfully tricked about 1/3, enough to count as a small victory. But what about this? The judges have only a few minutes to test, and if the time is longer, they will soon find out the truth, and Eugene knows nothing about the real world. Let’s take a look at the dialogue between computer scientist Scott Aaronson and Eugene:


Turing test is not totally out of date, the current test of AI is more about deception than real intelligence. Artificial intelligence experts claim that it is time to replace the Turing test with a series of methods that can assess artificial intelligence in a comprehensive way.

in 1950, Alan ·, Turing invented a thought experiment that has so far been called the ultimate test of artificial intelligence. It is called "imitation game", which is later known as the Turing test. By assuming the existence of a computer program can pretend to adult classes, we now call chat robot Chat Bot, proposed a Turing test: the machine can display their abilities in trying to convince a human testers himself is human, it needs to answer relevant questions even deliberately in poetry, calculation wrong. Today, in the eyes of the public, the Turing test is often seen as a boundary, a measure of whether machine intelligence actually arrives. But it should not be so: boundaries can be passed – sometimes for the wrong reasons. Although in the short term, the machine may deceive humans, but this victory will soon vanish like soap bubbles are unlikely, leads to true artificial intelligence.


below is Xu Xiaoping’s classic quotations, part finishing:

Although the

5, in the current China, entrepreneurship is indeed the strongest voice of the times. When I vote for each project, I think "it’s another Facebook" – but it often turns out to be "death."". This is the process of always looking for hope in despair, and it is also a bitter and precious experience that I have invested for five or six years.

2, after the failure of entrepreneurs to start business, the success rate is also higher. Every guest is old third pioneering work. PayPal is also the founder of the fourth venture. Entrepreneurship is the greatest challenge to life, intelligence, ability, experience and emotion. Here’s a tribute to the successful and unsuccessful entrepreneurs.

3, when I make a lot of money, I don’t think this is my Chinese dream, it’s not forced. My dream is to put the money to entrepreneurs as dung sprinkle acres of farmland, it can produce a golden fruit last night with a lump of gold. So, I’m putting the Chinese dream in depth. My Chinese dream is to help young people who have no choice at this moment, find them, and let them realize their dreams. 57 years old, I can say is a mother dream, just like a mothership, it contains countless young people’s dreams.

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introduction he is the founder of New Oriental Studies, visa and consulting abroad, and Wang Qiang and Yu Minhong are called the "three carriages" to support the development of new oriental". Now, turn to an angel investor, no longer talk about abroad, visa, career planning, but talking about entrepreneurship and investment.

6, will startups die? Startups don’t die. As long as founders don’t die. Many companies have only a few dollars left. If you don’t give up, you can always turn over the salted fish. New Oriental in the early days of entrepreneurship almost always led to the collapse of the company, but Yu Minhong persisted and persisted until today.

is that the Turing test is too easy to cheat, and can easily pass the test by cheating or pretending ignorance. As Turing himself predicted, the main trick of winning is to avoid answering. If a referee asks a machine, do you have any feelings? The machine must lie to win. But this strange twist is not the exception, but the norm. The way to pass the Turing test is nothing but cheating.

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