Before talking about online education entrepreneurs need to understand these five misconceptionsCom

      following the online system expert hishop 92hi/ announced that customer service service extends to the management domain, the research team of hishop as in the past committed to some strategic and tactical network management, and achieved some results. In the future, these results will continue to be released to the outside world, and hope to discuss with the broad masses of network operators, and now will be finishing the communication skills of the shop released to share with you.

Abstract: some people think that online education is now just like the school district room, quietly becoming a competition place for parents to compete for wealth, even accelerating the polarization between the rich and the poor. So, do we have a wrong understanding of online education,

, the other thinks that learning itself is painful, just like waiting for a bus, an injection, or a lovelorn. The shorter the pain, the better, and the best way to bite your teeth is to go.


      2, the customer’s face in the face, so you have to pay attention to read. We are in the virtual world of negotiations, pay attention to read rely on chat content to judge, such as a white haired chat smiling people looked very comfortable. With some vivid expressions in conversation, so that more than hard words. For example, the customer said, "let me think it over.". Then we should stop selling products to death, send a blessing,

      1, customer memory odd, therefore, the commitment to the customer must be fulfilled, otherwise, you are probably no chance to deal in this life. Do not easily make a commitment to your products and services, and make a commitment to cash it. Victory by deceit, victory by Germany, the integrity of the development is the hard truth.

, but some people think that online education is now just like the school district room, quietly become a home for parents to compete in the wealth of the game, and even to accelerate the polarization between rich and poor. So, do we have a wrong understanding of online education? On this issue, senior investment manager Hu Tianshuo gives a view, he believes that there are five misconceptions about the existence of online education.

      wish him a good mood every day. It will make a good impression on the customer. You can also say: "we have new goods on the shelves, we must inform you immediately, I hope you can in our store to find what you like."." This is also a good foreshadowing for further sales.

 :    : how to communicate? What is the communication? I’m afraid I have to analyze the communication skills from the point of view of consumer psychology. Let’s sum up five points:

this view is very common, and the general reason is particularly simple. General "Curve Wrecker" did not understand "dumbass" in the study of this matter is difficult, for Chinese education are discontented is "enough to teach too water", but "dumbass" particularly want to change the existing way of education. So the vast majority of online education entrepreneurs I contact are self rated "academic slag"".

a belief that learning itself is fun, learning can improve and grow.

good learning products, should allow students to study this matter addiction". That is to say, take a student from "learning slag"

misunderstanding 1: online education is to reduce the time required to learn

      3; people are emotional; therefore, sales should pay attention to communication with people. Many sellers are sold out

      "smile, pioneer, listen to the first recruit; praise price Citylink, character backing", this is a motto many businessmen believe. This doesn’t only work in reality, it works on the Internet as well. When the buyer sees the goods and does not ask them, he buys it. Congratulations, this is the ideal form. But there is a gap between reality and ideals. The reality is often the communication between the two sides of the day, the buyer said to think about it, then as Huang gone for ever…… However, don’t be discouraged! Ask customer habits of reflex action, as long as there is a buyer to ask the situation, there is definitely a purchase intention not exclude people ask the situation, so few people, how to seize the customer intention to become his own real customers, the only communication.

speeds up learning is not wrong in itself. The problem is that the basic problem to be solved in online education is not the speed of students’ learning, but the attitude of students. In other words, how much of a student’s knowledge per hour should be based on the fact that most students are able to keep learning for hours on your platform KPI. If students are not in your App, or side side class absquatulate, any learning efficiency are not.

The idea that

the first misunderstanding of the fundamental ideas are derived from the latter, and even can be called "dumbass type attitude" – his natural corollary is that online education to overcome the traditional education, the most important is to improve the learning efficiency, is also "spent long time unit of knowledge".

has two perspectives on the attitude of learning.

September 2016, the India online education company BYJU s won $50 million in D round of financing, led by Zuckerberg and his wife charity foundation ChanZuckerberg Initiative CZI and Sequoia capital. Subsequently, Zuckerberg published the above statement on Facebook’s personal homepage. Online education seems to have become a guardian of fair education, a revolution that subverts traditional education and free access to knowledge.

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