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is not just reading comics, so it is favored by capital. In recent years, China’s two dimensional industry has always been hot. It is understood that China’s two yuan more than two hundred million users, two times the current market size has reached 250 billion yuan, two yuan from the beginning of 2015, industry in the capital market has been highly sought after, Ali and other Tencent, have joined them, and even set up a group of light media animation "color film house", dedicated to the search for high-quality animation company investment.

CEO are a microcosm of life

most of my workday is like this, and depending on the workday, I will work with different people or have a meeting to discuss.

in the blog, the CEO also mentioned every minute of his changes Sunday, and as the main direction of CEO:

despite the storm in the end because of lack of experience or founder too young investors really dug a pit to let Wang Kai back Xin pan, at least can prove a point, after 90 Wang Kaixin said money is not so easy to earn.

two dimensional market opened first thanks to the two dimension of culture, with "gold", "husband", "Devils", "this" and "shake S" and "fag hag" and "CP" two dimensions of vocabulary in the three dimension of the world becomes more and more popular, the two dimensional culture gradually gradually from the "minority" to the public, the financial world a new door will open.

, 2, two dimensions of the whole industry chain is not mature enough,

company boss every day? This is a week to work only 4 days of the start-up company Treehouse CEO Ryan Carson pictured above on a typical day, you feel tired live better than him? Perhaps we can see from here:

first, the upstream cost is high and the risk is high once the content is born

from the age distribution, China’s more than 90% of the two dimensional users are 90 and 00 after. At present, the consumption capacity of the most 80 and 85, has gradually shouldered the burden of the family, in the two dimension of product investment is less and less. Just entered the community after 90 and 00 after a lot of money in the two dimension of product consumption ability is actually be on a par with the 90, has a strong IP feelings, 00 is more willing to pay for the genuine products. But after the outbreak of a limited number of more than 2000 yuan per capita annual consumption is still not enough to accelerate the ripening of the market.

What do the

recently, fast comics completed 250 million yuan C round of financing, basically can be called at the beginning of the new year two yuan financing obtained the first large Domain company.

1 and two dimension audience is mainly 90, 00, the overall consumption capacity is less than

will probably have 6 or 7 team managers meeting on the Go To Meeting line every Thursday, reporting on the work of their teams to ensure that everyone is in the same process.

two dimension market has been opened, it is not yet mature,

he has 1.5 hours of exercise time each day, and an hour before lunch is spent meeting the director, planning the tasks that the team will complete this week, talking about the product and adjusting the plan.

however, the wind of capital is so strong, how about the development of the two dimensional industry in our country?

Penetration of


started at 5:30 and spent 1.5 hours visiting and analyzing the company’s overall plans. After two hours of family time, Ryan began working on the full-time work program.

will finish his day’s work with Reeder’s subscription to his blog before taking a nap at ten in the evening.

doesn’t have a nap time, starting at 12:30, he will spend a lot of time working on the plan, and attend the half-hour online meeting of the product department at 3:30. After that, he will work until six.

I did perform a lot of things when there were fewer than 25 people in the company. I’ve written newsletters, grabbed lines, responded to emails, prepared, made marketing strategies, and so on. But now we have 50 full-time employees, me >

therefore, the two dimension current market needs a continuous expansion of two dimensional culture of the audience, but also to study more deeply the characteristics of the audience after 00 on the other hand, they are the absolute main force of two dimensional industrial consumption in the future.

usually I meet with one of my managers every: Monday: product department; Tuesday: video and Technology Department; Wednesday, HR and administration; Thursday: Sales and marketing department.

Ryan gets up at 4:54 every day, and then begins the day’s work at 5:10. He first used Trello lightweight team collaboration and list management platform, Team Grantt shlf1314 calendar and team work plan application view work and planning, twenty minutes a week and plan to spend day after this work.

In fact,

was founded less than two years, fast comics has completed 3 rounds of financing, the total amount of nearly 400 million yuan, its growth rate is staggering. Round financing lead investors also said: "the team in the core after 90, 00, and the pan two dimensional crowd has extensive penetration, unlimited potential."

we used to have a company wide online meeting every Monday, but when the number was over 25, the Go To Meeting software was no longer supported. As a matter of fact, the whole company needs to hear from me frequently, so I’m thinking of sending a video every week to let the whole company know the direction of the company in the general direction.

Although the

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