Talk about my way to make a fortuneE commerce offers personalized demand signs

 :     since you have chosen to read my post, it means that you are still putting yourself in the new person’s position, so please come with me to discuss it.

      at present, personal website, if you do not have too much money investment, publicity, it can not be like some pull to VC’s CEO like everywhere burn money.

when the network becomes more and more popular, the pace of the spring is getting near, so as to e-commerce, e-commerce website from more and more successful financing can peep one spot and see the whole picture. But relative to the previous electronic commerce, now the market has not been so general and simple, market segments, seeking individual needs more stable, big to small, small things, e-commerce enterprises have begun to know how to use the spark to prairie fire.

of online consumers, brand trust is their focus on at the same time the price competitiveness of an important reference, online consumers have some users like Anthony gold. For them, although the price is the most important consideration, but the price is relatively affordable brand value is not the most important. In fact, they pay more attention to the speed and convenience. They wait for a page to upload and display speed, they need a powerful web site. For this type of consumer, speed, functionality and convenience of the sum of the three factors is more important than the price of nearly 3 times. Convenience than the brand reputation or product choice is more important.

      then, what do you do to attract people’s attention? The discussion of fire that is eyeball economy, even the MOP video are close to the state of "dew". We might as well resort to similar means. Maybe it will get twice the result with half the effort.

      another point, the station stationmaster to be able to play their advantages and strengths than large portal. See here, I know a lot of people want to ask questions, first do not worry, listen to me slowly.

      another point is best able to skillfully use the small station, it is an occasion, truly understand the strategic people do not own to spend time and energy to the campaign, but know as Zhu Geliang went to borrow arrows with thatched boats, three by the wind and headlines actually we need to use a blow in the society now there are a lot of similarities, what fire, add something on your site, in order to quickly increase traffic, improve traffic that would improve the survival ability of the station.

      station’s forte:

      what we need to do is improve the content of our website, and spend a little time every day to keep it updated. Do stand also important mentality, not in haste, not to see the flow of feelings of irritability, even before you put up the shutters, the work done nothing, this truth, when we were in primary school to understand that four words summed up enough, come to naught.

      second points: what is the latest, the most fire on what to do, the truth is also similar to the above, for example

      here, I give or enter the threshold of a friend to talk about the heart, and give some reasonable advice. About exchange friendship, connection, BBS propaganda, group, BLOG group or EMAIL group of small station propaganda method, I won’t say here, because there are too many people like me,.

      the first point: easy to manage, the cycle of an idea from production to practice is very short, not like a large portal station, you need to go through layers of procedures.

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