Online education website instant noodles Entrepreneurship from nearly billion valuation to one nigh

entrepreneurs must not ignore the external environment.

will use WeChat’s QR code in its startup business. External presentation of their identity, send business cards will use two-dimensional code. In fact, now the start-up company responsible person rarely print a two-dimensional code on the business card, and even some business cards, in addition to the company LOGO, there is only a two-dimensional code. In the Tencent as high as 94.6% user coverage, a small two-dimensional code can close the distance between start-up companies and users.

current society, in the smart phones and mobile Internet gradually universal, we rely on the smart phones and mobile Internet also gradually improved. With the Internet giant BAT business continues to expand, and constantly penetrated into all areas of life, our lives are almost inseparable from BAT, social Tencent, search with sh419, shopping with ali…… Earlier this year, Analysys think tank "China Mobile Internet users analysis 2016" data show that Tencent’s user coverage rate as high as 94.6%, sh419 is 69.7%, Ali is 48.6%.

1 and BAT affect most of your users,

"never set up a company with your best friend."." This is used to hit movie "China partner" in the camera, the other two movie master Wang Yang looked at one of the partners because of different opinions and break speak this word.

in addition, whether it is users, investors, or start-up companies candidates, most will through sh419 search, interactive forums and other preliminary understanding of start-up companies information. Then through the WeChat public number, browse the company’s historical news, deepen understanding, and once again win the letter.

ironically, the instant noodles will get A round of financing, only to sign the final agreement on the occasion, the valuation of 100 million of the site but a night off. The 3 core members of the team are now almost Former friends become enemies with each other".

no matter what the entrepreneur wants to do, he needs someone to buy it and wants to get as many people as possible as soon as possible. And most of those "buy people" are shrouded in BAT, and then you can’t be independent from BAT

Wang Chong, Yan Ji Yue "". Yan Ji Yue in July 1, 2014, the noodles project team and the original user management personnel kicked out from the user group, seriously affect the operation of instant noodles products market.

is also an online education website, instant noodles, a recent life case. Instant noodles, once as a realistic version of the "China partner" case, was written into the China Youth Daily article, so far its official website is still hanging this article media reports.

Abstract: entrepreneurs tend to attach great importance to information within the industry, industry or related supply chain industries and investment areas, and do not attach much importance to many other things. Sometimes seemingly irrelevant factors affect the success or failure of the product, and ultimately affect the success or failure of creating demand.

Tencent technology Lei Jianping reported July 7th

noodles founder Yu Haoran ordered in a statement all caused by network technology Beijing limited liability company and related personnel, Wang Chong, Yan Ji Yue to stop the use of instant noodles trademark, and that Yu Haoran retain the right to pursue legal responsibilities related.

when entrepreneurs start their business, the first choice will go to sh419 search, understand the market situation, industry trends, understand what they have opponents.

as the online education company has a great future, instant noodles, people sigh. Instant noodles is the biggest problem facing the three young people Yu Haoran, Wang Chong, Yan Ji Yue is too young, serious misconduct in dealing with corporate control issues.

January 2012, instant noodles founder Yu Haoran apply for registration "paomianba" domain name, the same year in April conceived of instant noodles project originality. In December of the same year, Yu Haoran noodles trademark, and invite them in the development of students in the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign in the United States to participate in the "instant noodles" early version. This is also the earliest predecessor of instant noodles.

in instant noodles, the official statement, formally expelled co-founder Wang Chong, Yan Ji Yue, take all kinds of management authority, and reserve the relevant responsibilities and rights, and accused Wang Chong, Yan Ji Yue stop directly or indirectly use illegally obtained noodle project code.

for online transactions and payment, Alipay bigger. As early as 2011, Alipay transaction volume reached 610 billion 80 million yuan, accounting for 80% of the market share of online shopping China. As of December 2012, Alipay registered accounts exceeded 800 million. This is also the reality that entrepreneurs should understand.

Abstract in the instant noodle bar will get A round of financing, only to sign the final agreement on the occasion, the valuation of 100 million of the site but a night off.

subsequently, Yu Haoran, in accordance with the needs of the project development, have invited many members to join, as of January 2013, the basic shape of products, access to closed beta. In February 2013, due to lack of project of comprehensive logistics personnel, recruit Yu Haoran co-founder noodles Yan Ji Yue to become the project team of eighth members. Yan Ji Yue is responsible for human resources, financial.

instant noodles origins: born in American university campus

when the start-up company is formally established, it will carry out e-commerce on the Alibaba when it broadens its sales channels. As for payment, now more and more people love Alipay and WeChat to pay payments. Electronic commerce, as well as Alipay and WeChat to pay payments, is now very popular in 80, 90 groups. The "80" and "after 90" is the majority of the industry’s main consumer, entrepreneurs are mainly found in customer groups.

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