see Wangzhuan Confessions of a part time network to theYao Jinbo 58 city listing those things

2, roadshow left Hongkong before entering the United States received 10 times the subscription. Therefore, the whole trip in a good state of mind, to achieve more than 90% of the 1 to 1 conversion rate, more than 500 fund orders, in the limit of 10% of the subscription limit, still oversubscribed nearly 40 times. Even in the United States, almost half of the fund is also seeing Chinese, and many people use 58 of the service, which is very helpful.

About 6

, a eight year stay area leaders will be fitted to the court in handcuffs, do you believe?

5. Finally, the NYSE and the breakfast bell ceremony is said to be the NYSE received a the biggest group, our company has 58 employees and representatives of the families of the old management, spectacular wei. I asked if our market value would exceed $10 billion. Let’s call it again, and the NYSE delegates promised verbally, not knowing if there was any legal effect.

, a black skinned man with a handsome smile, will be president of the United States. Do you believe that,

part-time Wangzhuan two weeks earn a one thousand yuan of mobile phone

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7, after the listing of obvious environmental change, with many people scold people less, but I can understand: few users care about whether you listed, they only care about the things you do not need them.

around the students are complaining about the rising price, when the dining hall paella more expensive, but I have a meal to keep the Indoorsman like life; the holiday is coming, all still struggling to find work to the student, but I have been sitting at home in front of the computer smirks.

sorry, forgot to say, I’m not WOW mentally ill, I’m just a part-time Wangzhuan guest to a. Speaking of Wangzhuan, I know not much, only to know one or two mainstream Wangzhuan only, and the class of non mainstream is idiotic Wangzhuan absolutely ignorant of.

3, pricing basically no quarrel, half an hour to discuss the decision. The issue price can be set to 18 or higher, but the final decision is to fight for the $17 outstanding investors, several top international long-term funds are the best investment of 58, Morgan Stanley described it as a textbook of portfolio.

4, 58 management and employee stock ratio is high, for our listing is an important selling point. Except for me, the staff holding more than 10% of the shares and options, this group of people is the core guarantee of future implementation of 58 more goals, of course they are listed in the instant realization of paper wealth of hundreds of millions of dollars, good people will be rewarded. I believe that the next 58 executives will be able to do hundreds of millions of dollars, so in such a favorable position in the tuyere industry, to do a good job, this goal is not far away.

1, prior to listing the legal aspects of doing two things: 1. management shareholders as a preferred shares gained 10 times the voting rights, which can ensure the consistency of the company shall not be a hostile takeover and the future direction of the 2.; the implementation of a Evergreen plan, the next ten years without the approval of the general meeting of shareholders each year the 1.5% payment options for employees, the future can guarantee the staff motivation 58.

, two week, breakfast lunch dinner, in a hurry in the Charter and investment bankers play fight the landlord, basically I win. In the middle went to a Napa Valley tasting in California. But don’t eat well, and serious damage to evening habits, I returned to Beijing for lost 10 pounds the bonus will be consolidated. In addition, before going to bed and at night when the toilet up a bad habit, can not help but look at the U. S. stock market, this fight to quit.

before the earliest about Wangzhuan, I think the neighbors professional e-commerce. Besides, the white spot is, online shop and so on, what B2BC2B ah, also Ma teachers teach us those. Once upon a time, I also considered opening an online shop to play, but because of learning and other reasons, I have not run a decent online shop since. Of course, after also not open, what, that is another story.


website, I have considered those who do Wangzhuan by clicking, pull off the assembly line, but there is little social experience friends all know, this is like a pyramid scheme, like Amway, is the ordinary people can do? In my opinion, these are outside appearance too quick. There’s no point in self promotion, skip it. < >

, do you believe?

on the network for two years, the web site to see more, and I also want to get a play. The website is my Wangzhuan road second consciousness. Self built website, degree of freedom, not like the shop so cumbersome, no actual commodity trading self built shop except, just put a little money, plus some ready-made website program, they can easily build a good website. Of course, the important point is that the self built website said, feeling out a face, outsiders do not understand the technology of the site will tell you much appreciated much satisfaction loud shouts of applause, the most fundamental vanity of human nature. I unfortunately also happen to this mouth, and also built site one or two. The way is simple Wangzhuan site, simply by relying on popular hits, then advertising, advertising words put, mutual, flow into and so on. An empty talk is always simple; imagination is always a distance from reality. Do a few stops, click rate generally maintain only one or two IP per day, and one of them is their own. Website Wangzhuan, like stock market long-term basis, no patience and good will only lose. This is also the reality of the moment to do the webmaster, ninety percent are losses, profits are always only a small number. This is the legendary Red Sea in the red sea.

In addition to the shop and the

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