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360 technology controlling shareholder, Tianjin keysun Zhicheng, Qihoo 360 during the privatization of privatization in the country set up a consortium for the privatization of the SPV Special Purpose Vehicle, another SPV Tianjin Qixin Tongda Technology Co. ltd.. The two SPV is the top controlling body of the group’s business and company. Ma Xiaochao

360 also has emerging businesses such as finance, desktop, mobile phones and health.


In addition to traditional businesses such as search and security,

, this means that the 360 technology is queuing IPO channel, rather than previously rumored backdoor listing.

technology includes 360 Qihoo 360 group under which business is currently unknown. The Qihoo 360 has not yet responded to TechWeb.

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TechWeb March 27th news reports, the Tianjin Securities Regulatory Commission official website announcement, a subsidiary Qihoo 360 group under IPO guidance.

Huatai Securities Limited by Share Ltd hereinafter referred to as Huatai Securities 27 in Tianjin, the Commission’s official website disclosure of 360 Polytron Technologies Inc hereinafter referred to as the 360 science and Technology IPO and listing counseling bulletin.

IPO is not Qihoo 360 backdoor but queuing to accept the listing counseling

according to the registration information, 360 science and technology science and technology limited company formerly known as Tianjin flights in March 21st this year, the registered capital increased from 56 million 176 thousand and 628 yuan to 2 billion yuan, the main types of market from the limited liability company into Limited by Share Ltd, business scope: Internet and software related technical consulting, technology transfer, technology promotion service; design, production, marketing, agent release all kinds of domestic advertising; conference and Exhibition services.

announcement shows that Huatai Securities and 360 technology signed the agreement. 360, Polytron Technologies Inc legal representative Zhou Hongyi, controlling shareholder of Tianjin Qi Cheng Zhicheng Technology Co., Ltd., the actual controller Zhou Hongyi.

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