sh419 6 22K station 1st anniversary ‘m still doing optimizationOnly super good news commission do

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in recent years, many people have entered the grassroots Adsense industry, but failed more


when you are in the 5 sites and 1 sh419 search rankings are good K you when we can believe that sh419 is wrong and is not your fault, stick to your plan on the line, sh419 had to dump it and the 6.22 has been too; when you search 6 row names this is not good, think about their own problems, whether does provide the necessary contents for visitors to

for SEO, I now do not seriously study, make the content and user experience, here also remind our friends, if you are not in algorithm such as Daniel exploit, then do not want to rely on some of the so-called SEO tips to get good rankings, when you put all the tips when the website is in many search removed when

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6.22-2013.6.22 in 2012, many of my sites, basically did not get any traffic from sh419, but now I can income higher than before, this is sh419 to grassroots life, I also know that after 6.22, the best way to restore ranking is to replace the domain name, but I don’t want to to change, a change of the domain name is meant to re record, believe that the webmaster will know how awful; two is I can not for a sh419 survival.

6.22 changes, but let me be more mature, before the flow of Shabu Shabu, really a little money lying on the feeling, so there is nothing, this blow, not only let me know how the egg cannot be put in a basket, can not rely on a sh419; and at the same time to cultivate the goose duck’s egg, diversification implementation of traffic sources.

believes that for many webmaster friends like me, will not forget this day, yes, in June 22nd, a year ago, sh419 algorithm adjustment, so that how many webmaster back to understand overnight. And my star part-time network and other sites, in last year’s today, was a sh419 K traffic has not left.

grassroots webmaster needs is to insist on, need is to adjust and adapt, according to their program to implement it.

! ! !

today, as long as the main site to hang CPS advertising advertising double commission means Rui 5% to 10%!  

for the past 5 years adhere to the original webmaster, the mood is very painful, but it was my career when there is a change, it is a family thing, it is most in need of money! Is the first time I really feel what is leaking partial even in case of rain. At the time, the few websites I had were basically all my income, and these websites were zero overnight traffic.

, grassroots webmaster, indomitable, sh419 road network, ten million, this is the true spirit of the grassroots, as long as the root, will forever be a

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