What Mr Ma wants most vip Shen Ya is how to start a businessProfit model of Tutoring Network

early days, due to the higher position, Shen Ya and his partner Hong Xiaobo has been regarded as a "shopping spree", to Paris to buy all kinds of luxury spending, after returning to sell out, all the backlog in the warehouse. Buyout and scarce orders made Shen miserable. After three months of calm thinking, knowing when to "positioning too high" model in Chinese ", he really decisive adjustment mode The climate does not suit one.", "luxury sale will quickly turn to high-end fashion brands popular direction, focusing on how to do the clothing sale in the supply chain. After this, vip ran all the way, the volume of transactions doubled, the team also from the first 25 people

wait until popularity increases, but also reputation. Sometimes, try giving discounts to your regular customers and introducing new customers to your regular customers.

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in the electricity supplier group spread such a sentence: "Shen Ya is the most electricity supplier who wants to see."". And more than one electricity supplier sources, "can you go to Shenyang," is to judge an electricity supplier specifications of the activities of a standard". Known as China’s electricity supplier legend dark horse founder of vip – Shen Ya, worth tens of billions, but rarely interviewed, all about him is mystery,

to set up a training center, must have a stable team of teachers, the main force in general by the students to act as tutor, if we open the tutoring center and college students can maintain a stable contact, work will be much more smoothly, we can help our office in the nearby university, often go to the University issued some leaflets, can also be will contact with the students, get the support of the school that is better.

has attracted much attention. At the beginning, this is a kind of resource integration and promotion through the network mode, make a lot of families in need easier and more convenient to find a tutor for many teachers and students to provide tutoring provides part-time job opportunities.

and so on these work is completed, will start to construct the propaganda platform in the network, constructs the family education network, displays some to teach the family and to teach the family the information to display part of on-line. Use the fastest speed to promote. sh419 is generally bidding, but also in some local newspapers advertising to promote the site. Such as the accumulation of popularity, will have parents call to consult. At this stage, it can be said to be half done. In the course of operating the website, we must establish the file management system from the very beginning. Register one of the teaching and learning sides for enquiries. Secondly, we should provide timely and accurate information, timely return feedback. Note that for both matchmaking introduced after the success is not Everything will be fine. also regularly by telephone, visit the two sides, in order to adjust their services.

I horse: in 2012, vip listed sale electricity supplier, the first refers to only $more than 200 million, now soared to $10 billion, its founder Shen Asia, very little media interview, the spread of a word, "said Shen Ya Ma to see most of the electricity supplier", him what is the story?


Most of the

you must have heard an ad like this: "vip, a website for sale."". But such a sale site, in 2012 in the United States New York Stock Exchange successfully listed, and in just 1 years time, the stock price has turned 5 times. Now, vip has become the "Bull Stock" in China’s stock market, from the initial listing of $more than 200 million market capitalization, to the present market value of billions of dollars, vip only 2 years. The success of vip has undoubtedly created a legend about the rising market value of a new Chinese concept stock company. The total market value is roughly equivalent to 10 after sh419, dangdang, Tencent, Qihoo 360, Chinese has become the fourth largest market capitalization of Internet Co. Vertical business vip can be described as "vertical lift."". As chairman and CEO of vip, Shen Asia has rarely been interviewed by the media and has hardly attended any major industry forums. Shen Ya said, "the stock price and performance are closely related, and the rest are empty talk, every day" faceless ", CCTV is useless." Say less and do more, which is typical of Wenzhou businessmen.

Shen Ya all the way, the biggest help to his success is business sensitivity, strong executive power, and low-key style of doing things. In his own words: "a lot of people think this, thinking that, I was indecisive, seized on the stem".

a few days ago, known as the first college entrance exam Chinese has just ended, the candidates have tens of millions of people, through the entrance into college and then out of the community to find a job is the most common and traditional road, as long as no education system reform, the present situation of thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers crowded bridge will continue long.

parents now have a plan to nurture their children, because they are only children, their attitude is more urgent, the general economy relatively well-off families, many of them for their children please tutor wishes, if we open a tutoring service center, for this part of the resources of

Before the establishment of

is good at thinking, moving forward in the current

vip, Shen Ya has a total of two start-ups, but none of them have anything to do with the electricity supplier. From Wenzhou, he has a warm temperament, business is their business password.

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