Share my experience in selling sites on the trading floor of A5 websiteBaby sitter’s big business Ca

when our website for sale, the first thing to do is to know who want to buy 4 of the website, that we want to tell other owners to sell our station? Party branch is very simple, that is to A forum website forum to send a website to sell trading post, told the the purchase of the site owners we are selling website, webmaster sell information in the release site to write specific, don’t just write a title and threw down a web site with contact there, because only to their own website or what advantages strengths are written, our website to find buyers in the shortest time may also sell the site in the shortest time!

Care Sheila Lirio Marcelo CEO said that after the completion of this round of financing, its total financing reached $111 million. The funds received are mainly for international market expansion and acquisitions. "We have access to some high growth areas, taking advantage of what we’ve already achieved and adding other services," she said."

looking for a reliable babysitter, caring for the elderly, children and pets, is the reality of more and more urban middle class families. Care, an American start-up, took advantage of the opportunity to launch an online nursing care platform.

was thinking about their psychological simply end website, not to sell service website can at least for parallel, with the cost of space domain, so they try to trade this section website made a sale post, did not expect to have had a quick response, but also very fast and reached the buyers the transaction, finally to hundreds of pieces of the price of the site sold out, although not earn what money, but put in space domain with costs have been recovered, but also earn about more than 100, in the taste of sweetness then a get out of hand, has continued to sell about more than 10 sites, in line with the spirit of sharing at the same time, while there is time today, I sold the station according to their own experience summed up the following experience, you want to sell the station, or is ready to sell the station to take a look, I believe There will be less so to help you

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, the company recently completed the Institutional Venture Partners led by the fifth round of financing, raising $50 million. The site helps users find local children, the elderly and pet care providers. With more and more people looking for care and housekeeping services through the Internet, Care is developing rapidly.


Care is a company based in Waltham, mass., massachusetts. The company acquired Besser Betreut GmbH in Berlin last month to strengthen European market operations and increase its total to 7 million.

"people are looking for quality care, which is a sensitive and private issue."." "You want everything to be in your hands, and the service is highly reliable," says Institutional Venture, Partners’s chief partner for Sandy Miller."


Li Wei



3 can not wait for the buyers active site contact

Care URL: Care

Care’s revenue comes mainly from online ordering and payment by service providers. In addition, offline service providers, such as day care centers, will also pay the site for recommendations. Companies like shlf1314 micro-blog and Facebook also use Care’s services as a benefit to employees.

Care hopes to help users find the appropriate care, care for the elderly, children and pets

1 specific to the transaction information in A5

forum! !

owners want to sell their own website, certainly to set up a website for the website of the sale price, the sale price, you can be higher than the "market price" slightly, so as to let the other have a limit in the bargain, and you will not lose too much, but the owners must grasp the "market" well, don’t put the lion big openings, websites as a rare treasure to sell, or to the last site also did not sell, but also by some webmaster ridicule, I think most of the webmaster do not love being called

according to some investigation report data show that Chinese personal webmaster has reached four million, while the amount of Lou personal website is far more than thirty million in the four million personal webmaster, can make money from the web site is not to the twenty, but unfortunately I was one of the seventy or eighty per cent do not make money in one time, because there is no way to make money from the site, the thinking on the websites of the end of this time, but in the A5 forums in the unexpected discovery of this forum site transactions, also at that time that website can be sold, can also change the

2 sale price not a big opening website

to participate in this round of financing Care also includes the company’s previous investors Matrix, Partners, New, Enterprise, Associates and Trinity Ventures. The company has services in 15 countries, including the United States, Canada and France, and will expand into Asia and Latin America in the future.

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