Please jump out of the vicious circleThe founder of empty fox who was kicked out of the capital in

there is often a misunderstanding about wealthy people. Many people agree that rich people are wealthy people. Is it true? For this question, I will spend a lot of time on the difference between the rich and the rich. Will certainly help you distinguish between these two types of people. What is a rich man? A rich man who does not have to do any work, and produces money for it. They can get money without work. The money is enough for their daily life, and even they have to use it to contribute to charity and give it back to society. Why can’t we? Because we don’t know how to be rich. Only by knowing how they think and think about things can we become rich people. Before that, you must first learn to be a rich man. Let’s start by looking at what most people are doing in life.

on the second day, he met the neurologist, B, who asked about the details of the attack

what do 1. rich people know,

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I’m a girl Dan, and I started writing this announcement on November 30, 2016, 20 days after I fainted and was taken to the emergency room in November 10th. This time I know some friends of my message I still care, for now, but not terminally ill and there is no danger, recovery is just a matter of time, if not with you as soon as possible a safe, I would be anxious and fearful. The density of events is so high that my concentration increases my headache, so I can support it and write it every day. It should be at least a few days later. If you only write profiles, there may be a lot of questions, and it will be tiring to answer back and forth, so I’ll try to finish here. The basic situation is in front, and the details are later.

empty fox is a flagship female secondary trading community, due to Yu Xiaodan’s "90", "genius girl", "beauty founder" identity was being touted, there are many "CCTV Yu Minhong spray" and "VC chase investment", "by constantly boyfriend live." like the report etc..

public information, Yu Dan was born on 1990 in Chongqing city. Founded in April 2014 as CEO, empty empty fox, fox obtained from Sequoia Capital led to 20 million yuan A round of venture capital investment in June 2015, August 2015 by the Kunlun World Wide Web led the $15 million B round of venture capital. Li Gen

today society, by a wide range of enterprises, companies, catering, entertainment, individual business premises, and so on, we will temporarily call it institutions. The salary and remuneration activities of production personnel, receiving personnel, packing personnel, transportation personnel, sales personnel, administrative staff, financial personnel, managers, etc. in public institutions. Profession. Occupations ensure that they earn the money they need to survive, including basic survival costs such as clothing, food, shelter and transportation. Professional salary is also available for you to buy some luxuries. Luxury goods are: quality, high-end clothes, mobile phones, computers, cars, houses, etc. everything that you can see in your life, and what you can satisfy people’s desires. The price of luxury goods is determined by the income of the professional population, that is to say, you are allowed to buy the luxuries at the corresponding price every month except for the survival guarantee. People with a high salary are more expensive than those with lower pay. This is not difficult to understand, such as your monthly income of 3000 yuan, your clothes, personal belongings and daily consumables than the monthly income of 500 yuan a lot higher. Because some things, even if they do not want to buy, do not necessarily buy, so they are more eager than you to get money, in their eyes, you are also a rich man, live a rich life. But some people still complain, complain about the low salary, complain that the boss is unfair, and complain that the society is too dark. Well, should we be satisfied? No! When your monthly income is less than 100 thousand, if you are satisfied, it will be too soon. If you have the thought of satisfying, then it shows that you are being surrendered by your life, or have not yet accepted your responsibilities, and your responsibilities include


following is empty fox founder Yu Xiaodan readme letter full text:

2. what are most people like right now,

basic information

December 8th afternoon, the empty fox founder Yu Xiaodan today through personal public numbers issued, due to the internal management reasons, before the date of the second round of investment company by Kunlun wide liquidation, currently founder Yu Xiaodan has been kicked out of the board of directors, and resigned as CEO, actually completely lost control of a company founded.

now, however, through a long narrative letter, Yu Xiaodan tells the story of her being kicked out of the capital in 20 days.

why do some people work hard and spend a lot of time, but always can’t make money? Because, the method is wrong, efforts are in vain. Money not only has a good way, but also needs to have a big ideological structure. Well, look at the thinking of the rich,

on the night of November 10th, I handled the company at home, sent emails and WeChat, and made a few calls through the phone. Later, I knew, I collapsed on the floor in the middle of the road, twitching all over my body, the head continued to hit back, making a cry like a cry. When I opened my eyes, I didn’t know what had happened. My head was heavy, my mind was fuzzy, and I tried to stand up and couldn’t stand up. My nearest hospital was the "united family hospital". I was sent to the emergency hospital of the united family hospital. I took the brain CT immediately and got the result. The following doctor, I marked ABCD in the order I saw. Dr. A, an emergency duty doctor, told me there was a shadow in the brain. What was unclear? He wasn’t a specialist. He advised tomorrow to confirm with a specialist in neurology.

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