Myspace China closed behind Board quietly support new projects

on Myspace China on a public message, in October 2011 the "failure to close the delay can not be restored, the need for regular media interview, out of the response is took over 2 months Baidu team Chen Pengfei, with his Baidu CEO identity, called" technical failure, recovery time is uncertain".

For a

at the beginning of 2011, second CEO 2/3 layoffs Wei and many executives leave, leaving only more than and 10 individual operating companies, the media seems to have no too much interest, after all, even once glory Myspace itself, in the sale price of $35 million. After the failure of the storm, will gradually disappear in the public view.

when people have forgotten the, Chen Pengfei’s name has appeared in the "Microsoft Azure accelerator" list.

the number of days before Microsoft innovation incubator project "Azure accelerator" officially entered the Chinese project, mainly for cloud platform in the field of start-up companies, Microsoft entrepreneurs to provide free office space, training, guidance and legal support, Windows Azure operating platform start-up companies can free access to Microsoft, but Microsoft does not provide seed fund. The first group included 10 companies, of which Chen Pengfei’s project is called "Atom"".

According to the Sina

query technology, Atom is still an incubator project, positioning is to "provide social collaboration tools, help small and medium-sized enterprise collaboration software", which seems to be the difference before and Myspace concern very far, one possibility is that Chen Pengfei has left the poly friends network to venture, but strange is the official Microsoft Atom introduction, Chen Pengfei’s position is still "Myspace CEO Chinese".

Since half a year ago to shut down

"fault" page, although there is no recovery, but I do not know when quietly hung "coming soon", which means that Myspace will return

China?But according to Sina

technology multi understand is the fact that, after the Wei to leave, the board of directors has quietly consider the use of "Myspace Chinese" the shell company to support a new venture, which is Chen Pengfei’s "enterprise collaboration software Atom", although Chen Pengfei Myspace China nominal CEO, but the relevant business only do is to close the

88 years CEO

Chen Pengfei was born in 1988 in a Tai Chi family, is the famous "Chen Taijiquan descendants", he also won the annual international Taijiquan Taijiquan champion traditional set. Although he was expected to become a martial artist, but he still wants to do some of his own career, from an early age to study abroad, he finally chose to enter the University of Pennsylvania Walton School of business

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