Northeast nternet Conference held in Dalian in May 14th

To promote the rapid development of the Internet industry to promote the northeast northeast Chinese, Internet industry construction, by, discuz, outdated community, video network of excellence, the northeast window magazine jointly initiated and implemented the Northeast Internet Business Forum and the Northeast Internet webmaster General Assembly will be held at the Sun Moon Lake Hotel Dalian on May 14, 2011. By then, the northeast region of hundreds of well-known Internet companies will gather in Dalian. In the golden age of the development of the Internet industry, this forum will be built for the Northeast Internet companies to build a platform for interactive communication.

Dalian, the leading edge of science and technology, is the leader in software outsourcing and information industry. The summit will have a number of ten well-known local Internet companies in Dalian to participate, and give strong support. Together to create a new height of the Internet development in Northeast china.

the Internet is the birth of science and technology, is the pioneer of culture. Northeast Internet industry is still groping forward. The Internet industry is worse than that of other developed areas, in the national revitalization plan, in the new economic frontier of the Internet industry, to the northeast of Internet entrepreneurs who make unremitting efforts, cooperation in Northeast Asia construction belongs to the Internet culture of the Great Wall.

with the rapid development of the Internet industry, to the enterprise has brought numerous opportunities and challenges. In the face of fierce market competition, impact and developed areas of the Internet industry rapid development, how northeast Internet start-ups will embark on a road of the own development, will be placed in front of every entrepreneur must face the issue. These topics will be analyzed and solved in the Northeast Internet forum.

industry generally believe that the current northeast Internet Summit held, will promote the development of the Internet industry in the northeast of the great role played in economic development. Focusing on the development of industry and technology application direction and the important role of the Internet industry and the grim mission, combined with the actual situation in Northeast China, in-depth analysis of the basic content, and firmly grasp the rapid change of the mode of economic development, focusing on the "12th Five-Year" national planning structure adjustment of the Internet industry started under the new situation, for the establishment of a new generation of Internet industrial system.


summit will be closely linked to the pulse of the times, echoes with the economic development trend, will eventually become the norm and innovation of the Internet industry exchange carrier.

guidance unit: China Internet association Dalian economic and Information Technology Commission

organizer: Chinese Internet Network Marketing Association Working Committee China webmaster Club behind the window of the Northeast community video network of excellence magazine

co organizer: Tencent discuz Sina network Dalian Software Industry Association


video network of excellence

special media support: Admin5 webmaster Network China network television bit   IT community

Venue: Sun Moon Lake Hotel Dalian

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