Liu Shishi two hundred million is not good to take the reasonableness of the valuation by storm merg

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news questioned in March 16th 3 billion 100 million high storm technology set by the acquisition of the reasonableness of the valuation after March 17th, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange also released on its website for storm technology restructuring letter of inquiry, which referred to the compliance issues of many acquiring company in the reasonableness of the valuation and disclosure.


storm technology acquisition in recent days, the explosion of entertainment and entertainment capital circle. The entertainment industry is the focus of discussion "Dongxi" Liu Shishi and Siye Nicky Wu married 2 million turned two hundred million generous dowry, the capital circle is the acquisition of three companies overestimate the value of. While the Shenzhen stock exchange this enquiry around three companies valuation expansion.

For the

game company of science and technology, science and technology made Gump inquiries mainly focus on two aspects the operation and financial situation. Operation of the Shenzhen stock exchange requires storm technology supplement to the target company agent game "Sailing World" and "Nanja Online", "cloud song" recharge water and pay the amount of business platform. For the game "Tianyu legend" water game, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange also questioned. The month of 2015 9-11 game of water stable and less than 2 million, and in December the water surged to 3 million 720 thousand, the Shenzhen stock exchange requirements review and comment on the finance company. Two years of financial science and technology’s gross margin was 5.68% and 40.07%, a substantial increase in gross margin of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange require the company to explain.

for the evaluation of Shenzhen game companies also expressed the need for further understanding. The report shows that Gump technology in 2016 operational plan for the project only 6 games, and the relevant sections in the assessment of the existing planning and game, 6 game of the expected annual income accounted for only 51%, 14 reserve games accounted for the annual income of 49%, but the report did not mention any reserve games and on the basis of prediction, therefore need to explain the company’s prediction is reasonable and prudent. In addition, vertical moving technology assessment does not include income game products, such as ARPU index, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange also requires the improvement of data.


and Liu Shishi are closely related to the straw bear pictures, Shenzhen express for the inventory and revenue from the details of inquiries. Straw bear Pictures inventory, inventory of about 120 million yuan, of which 47 million yuan in the product inventory of goods 72 million yuan, but did not disclose the corresponding filming has been completed and the name and amount of TV drama shooting, this interface has also questioned the news report; also TV series "mission impossible" has finished filming but, in revenue forecast chapter does not contain the drama, for the company’s future profitability and performance commitments can be completed is closely related.

finally, the Shenzhen stock exchange requires financial advisors on science and technology and dynamic assessment process’s technology to verify the prediction and assessment of whether reasonable care.

it is important to note that the Shanghai Stock Exchange and Shenzhen Stock Exchange recently frequent >

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