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in the virtual world of the Internet, people’s impression of it is the most convenient, advanced and bright, wealth and so on, in fact it is like the real world, clear rules and unspoken rule in parallel. Alipay, there are SP; YY, 9158, also has the edge passion video; also in the brush in this industry, there are bright and dark, red and black all kinds of disputes.

brush includes online and offline. Online brush, including personal users, ROM producers, brush tool developers, and so on, such as brush master, brush wizard, Zhuo master, etc.. The line brush including software developers, smuggled goods business, brush channels and so on, such as Ding open etc.. Brush this business has long-standing, from Symbian, Windows era has been in existence, but this concept is really blew in the Android era of mobile phone. With the rise of the brush, it looks simple wash behind, money, interest, market of multiple factors such as intricately tied together, South seven interview a number of people in the industry, in-depth analysis of the brush in this arena.

online brush: how to become a hotly contested spot giant

brush, refers to the software through the brush to the phone and other terminal equipment to replace the new system, the system software package by the ROM (mobile phone system firmware) developers or the original factory, the typical representative is millet MIUI. Simply put the phone system reinstall it again, similar to the era of PC computer reinstall the windows system. The brush can make the function of the mobile phone more perfect, the user has higher autonomy.

The concept of

brush machine in all types of mobile devices have appeared, such as the NOKIA Symbian era, Windows Mobile mobile phone, iPhone iOS, Blackberry mobile phone has its own system firmware, can brush, but until the open source Andorid mobile phone only detonated the concept. Due to the characteristics of Android’s open system, coupled with the uneven level of domestic mobile phone manufacturers, online brush software has become a kind of Android users just need.


mechanism of Android system itself, users in the use of a period of time, the system operation will accumulate a lot of debris, a lot of memory at the same time, Android mobile phone is a multi task type, the user can run multiple software at the same time, each software can reside or run in the background. Some of these software occupy memory, and some take up other space, so it will lead to slow and even stuck and many other issues, in contrast, iOS or other mobile operating system problem is not so serious. Android mobile phone mobile phone users must be cleaned regularly, especially with the performance and parameters of the hardware becomes more and more high, the third party software memory is more and more big, micro-blog, WeChat or QQ any software memory may be tens of megabytes or even hundreds of megabytes, which will lead to more with the mobile phone card. In this case, many users will have to use the brush to brush the software, reinstall >

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