Mother and child website Entrepreneurship baby tree has the answer

baby tree has the answer

from the baby diary, parenting knowledge to early maternal and child products, baby tree website attempts to provide a one-stop service to their young mother.

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2007, just from Google (micro-blog) China left Wang Huainan decided to do a mother and child community website baby tree. It was a question of choice at the time – except for being a father, Wang Huainan had no background in the industry. But in Wang Huainan’s view, even if a thing in the logic of most people is not the most correct, as long as he likes, he can also have a more accurate judgment on the industry.

now, his judgment was good. Wang Huainan said, there are now more than 200 thousand Zhang Baobao photos uploaded to the baby tree every day in the server, the total record of their growth and the number of Sina blog blog, 9 million 200 thousand registered users, independent visits every month more than 22 million.

and most Internet entrepreneurs are different, Wang Huainan is not a technical background. After graduating from Tsinghua University radio professional, Wang Huainan has been in McKinsey, Procter & Gamble, YAHOO, Google and other companies, but the main content of the work and the market, consulting related.

so Wang Huainan does not intend to give the baby tree Web 2 or social networking sites, or even mother Facebook label, he believes that the ultimate goal is to solve the problem for the user.

early on the line he developed three positioning for the baby tree. The first function is to record growth, the baby tree allows parents to use all means including blogs, photos, video and animation to meet the demand for this record, Wang Huainan developed a set of can also upload 500 photos, and can be in the system running in the background; second is the formation of communication atmosphere in the community and forum, solve the child rearing the only child "loneliness".

and then all of the functions of the baby tree are quickly launched, as long as easy to use, and is explosive, let a person shine, the product, Wang Huainan does not care if they are not the first to do it.

such as blog, which has some outdated concept is still the main product of baby tree. Even if the micro-blog era has arrived, but the number of baby tree blog has not been reduced – for the need to record the growth of the baby’s mother, micro-blog is not enough.

at the beginning of the establishment of the site, the first two things have done very smoothly. But for the third function – to provide child care knowledge, Wang Huainan gave a completely dissatisfied, completely failed, the evaluation, the lack of parenting knowledge to become a problem must be solved baby tree.

as a completely scratch the site, the baby tree does not have their own family and medical expert team, user groups must also start from scratch. Wang Huainan found that experts are not the only way to solve the problem, the value of the user experience may be passed. < >

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