Thunder’s 155 com turned site navigation station traffic increased in June


thunder turned site navigation station

June 8th news, according to Tencent, micro-blog users broke the news, the industry rumors 155 video dating for black apple work station, after several course video station, video dating station, closed after March this year turned into the site navigation, traffic increased after June.

, according to informed sources, was from personal webmaster Liu Weiwu is responsible for the operation, by Li Xingping, Cai Wensheng investment video dating station, chairman Pang Shengdong refused to merge with the recommendations, the final acquisition of thunder.

now enter the URL, you can see that it has become the site’s thunder navigation station. In the station navigation position clearly put Thunder KanKan search products and the dog in the thunder’s.

it is reported that there are already 360 more than web site navigation station, to the largest hao123 site navigation station as an example, the actual income of 2009 hao123 was 210 million, 360 security web site with 360 client advantage also lucrative advertising revenue.

analysts believe that the thunder can also rely on their own powerful client to promote their site navigation station, on the one hand to promote their products, on the other hand get rich advertising revenue.

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