nternet map market is facing shuffle Google maps or exit China

with the advent of the Internet map, the world seems to be a short distance. Connect to the network, click the mouse, just a few seconds you can easily get detailed geographic information all over the world. Internet map service providers can be accompanied by the emergence of intensive, such as the emergence of a map of the Internet market competition is also a war without smoke.

in mid May, the State Bureau of Surveying and mapping continue to update the relevant provisions, requiring all companies providing online map and location services, search or download in China, if you want to continue operations are required to apply for approval, to apply the corresponding license. This move will undoubtedly allow a number of domestic Internet map service providers and more than 40 thousand small online map site facing the industry reshuffle fate.

yesterday (June 24th), "daily economic news" reporter learned that, as foreign companies in China’s Internet service providers – Google map map predators recently has to Chinese government licence, but the approval result is still unknown. What is the face of the Google map is to withdraw from the Chinese market or a slice of cooperation with local competitors, Google faces tough choices.

introduction of new regulations to strengthen supervision

in May 18th, the State Bureau of Surveying and mapping has promulgated a new "Regulations" and the Internet map service professional standard "opinions" on the strengthening of the geographic information market supervision, required to provide network positioning and map services in China enterprises that apply for the corresponding license. According to the new regulations, the Chinese government has the right to close the enterprise without license.

, clearly pointed out that in the column of archives management assessment of professional standards, approval of the company must be nearly 3 years does not appear within the file does not exist, confidential leaks, illegal possession, copy the secret archives of Surveying and mapping behavior, the computer does not exist without copy recording, boot password behavior is not set, does not exist without authorization to any organization institutions and personnel, to provide confidential archives of Surveying and mapping behavior, and the need to ensure the map with the Chinese labeling regulations, military and other confidential information delete address.

in addition, also clearly pointed out in the server, the server needs to store map data of the enterprises located in the territory of People’s Republic of China, and to provide a public IP address server.

in strengthening the management of geographic information market, the State Bureau of Surveying and mapping documents that geographic information is an important national strategic information resources, related to national security and interests. The classified geographic information data is one of the key areas of the relevant overseas institutions long-term collection of information in our country, once the leakage or loss to the outside, will bring harm to the long-term, potential national security and interests. Therefore, to strengthen the supervision of the geographic information market, is a high degree of responsibility for national security and interests of the embodiment of the geographic information resources is to ensure a wide range, efficient, safe application of the basic premise."

Google maps or exit the Chinese market

for the new regulations, the daily economic news reporter called the State Bureau of Surveying and mapping regulations and industry management department, a staff member confirmed that Google has Google earth service to the country >

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