Pass the Shanghai river network to complete the D round of financing over 100 million

[Abstract] Hujiang network was established in 2001, 2007 completed an angel round of financing, get Baidu investment in 2014.


page of CEO Rui volt color


technology news (Le Tian) October 21st news, according to multiple sources, online education website of Shanghai network has been completed D round of financing, the amount of over $100 million. With this round of financing is completed, Shanghai river network might be landing strategic emerging board.

data show that the Shanghai river network was established in 2001, 2007 completed an angel round of financing, 2009 completed A round of financing, 2013 completed $20 million B round of financing. In 2014, Shanghai river network also obtained Baidu strategic investment.

the current Shanghai river network’s contains four major business system are: Shanghai river network, provide learning information for users; Shanghai community, learning community of users; learning tools such as CCTalk, fun word games and D dictionary, cool hearing; two learning platform: recording platform "Hujiang network school" and "broadcast platform CC class".

however, due to encounter the stock market crash, the current A shares IPO suspended IPO registration system, the strategic emerging board policy was pushed back, and the current strategic emerging board has 200 companies lined up audit, which means that the Shanghai river network domestic market still need more time.

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