Tianya listed mop com xici net Hutong those years together burst fire partner all right

Abstract: with the rapid expansion of micro-blog, WeChat and other mobile social media, traditional BBS has gradually declined. Even the popular Tianya also can not withstand this trend. However, the world has been forgotten to be listed on the market!


was founded 16 years, to be listed on the


a time, this has now gradually fade out of sight of the old community again by the media attention, "did not think there are so many people concerned about you!", the memories and sustenance of Tianya carrying too many people.

listed, the end of the world really ready to do a lot of that year, the hearts of users have these two problems: in the past 16 years, the end of the world why the interface?

Tianya community is still the main source of advertising, and the last two years has been a continuous loss, in 2014 and in 2013 the amount of losses were 44 million 650 thousand yuan and $31 million 610 thousand. The world has not changed, but the reader has changed. For 35 years is an iteration of the Internet industry, the same may be the most deadly.


, the "lean camel is bigger than a horse". Even now, the horizon is still more than 100 million registered users, the mobile terminal traffic accounted for more than 60%, class micro-blog product micro theory installed capacity of 10 million. The average daily volume of about 450 thousand post replies. According to this can be judged, the end of the month should be one million active users.

obviously, Tianya has long been a stage that take the size of the user. At the end of the world, the current problem is only the ability to liquidate, as well as how to continue the vitality of the problem.

had become fashionable for a time community and the era of advertising business model, now seemed to have become "old antique". Once the renren.com, mop.com etc. compared with the peak period is a lot of lonely. When the horizon rival Xicihutong also changed hands several times, this year is elong sold to a company in Jiangsu.

these communities fall may vary, but the early realization of community difficulty is a difficult problem.

mop.com network


mop.com network was established in October 1997, 2004 by the Qianxiang interactive group merger. Chowder, forums, information and games as the core to build the network community, approximately 50 million registered users. User groups to entertainment fashion 80 urban youth based.

at the end of 2006, mop.com transformation portal to sprint listed overseas, failed. In March 2011, the novel mop.com network officially launched. After the acquisition of thousands of oak interactive group campus network (Renren), its core position was replaced by the campus network, the development strategy is also about wavering, in April 2012 the company headquarters moved from Beijing to Guangxi, Nanning.


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