There are Chinese company to win in the field of automotive batteries in Matsushita and LG extrusion

lead: Reuters wrote today, double stimulation in policy and market, China Ningde Times New Energy Limited company is stepping up efforts to expand production capacity, and Japan and South Korea LG chemical industry Matsushita and other giants compete.

below is the full text of the article:

Ningde, a city of three Southeast China, on the outskirts of a dusty village. In most people’s view, it seems impossible to be the headquarters of the global automotive technology leader in the future.

, however, China’s industrial policy has encouraged companies to move up the value chain, reducing the level of pollution in the cities, to the electric vehicle industry. It is in this macro environment under the guidance of the Ningde era of new energy Co., Ltd. hopes to develop from the hometown of the national hero, and even out of China, to the world.

, Japan’s Panasonic and South Korea’s LG chemical rival, the Chinese companies in the past year has increased the production capacity of lithium ion batteries two times, in order to meet the surge in sales of electric vehicles.

Huang Shilin, the company said last week, after the second round of financing in October this year, after the valuation of its growth of 3 times, to reach 80 billion yuan (about $11 billion 500 million).

in order to refinance at least 30 billion yuan before 2020, Ningde era hopes to list on the Beijing stock exchange. The company may thus become the world’s leading power lithium battery industry.

The car battery capacity of

the company has exceeded LG chemical, Matsushita and catching the "Warren" Buffett’s investment in BYD.

Ningde plans to 2020 will be increased to 6 times the current battery capacity, to reach 50000 trillion kwh, thus more than Tesla in Nevada building super factory.

"we’re going to follow the country." Huang Shilin said, I hope to be able to achieve the world’s leading performance and price in 2020."

, a 5 year old company, has gone out of China, set up offices in Sweden, Germany and France, and plans to build a factory in europe. The company’s representative said that due to the signing of a confidentiality agreement, they can only disclose a BMW customer.

although the expansion of great ambition, but because of the emerging areas of highly dependent on government policy, and rapid technological progress, so there is also a risk.

A123, a US auto battery maker, went bankrupt from IPO in three years, largely because the battery cost remained high and the number of orders did not keep up.

"people think we are a very successful company, but every day we are very careful." Marketing Director Neal · (Neil Yang) said, the environment and technology is changing rapidly, so if we can not keep up with the trend, three months will die."

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