Twenty first Century media former president Shen Hao was arrested involving over one million

[Abstract] "forget early heart was always square; early heart is lost, too late for regrets."

In twenty-first Century, former president of

media Shen Hao

Following the twenty-first Century

network CEO Liu Dong, the financial weekly issuer summer and others were arrested in Shanghai after the prosecution, twenty-first Century news extortion case of concern and the latest developments on November 20th, twenty-first Century media Limited by Share Ltd president Shen Hao, vice president Chen Dongyang, vice president and chief financial officer Le ice et al. Are Shanghai Municipal People’s Procuratorate first branch according to the law of arrest.

in the prosecution of the arrest charges, Shen Hao under the leadership of the twenty-first Century economic report, twenty-first Century, the financial weekly 3 media and 8 operating companies suspected of crime of forced transaction, blackmail and impose exactions on; at the same time, Shen Hao also suspected of non national staff of bribery, embezzlement, misappropriation of funds and other personal crime.


‘s 3 media 8 companies suspected of a crime at the helm to blame

police, twenty-first Century economic report, twenty-first Century net, the financial weekly twenty-first Century media’s financial media, with its extensive influence in the financial sector, and Shanghai Yun Yan, Shenzhen Xin kylin PR firms in collusion with negative information to the media, through various channels and active mining listed companies, IPO company. And the use of IPO listed companies, the stock price decline, the market disruption and fear related industry company reputation damage, to publish negative reports of blackmail, forcing the listed company, IPO company and signed a cooperation agreement, a little more than hundreds of thousands of millions of "protection fees".

for the alleged crime under the media, Shen Hao admitted not only tacitly, is the leader, supporter, coordinator and participants.

in charge of the police investigation, in twenty-first Century, Shen Hao reported during the behavior has become an important profit model. In the great interests of the chain, Shen Hao is the actual controller: one is through the development of the high evaluation index, in twenty-first Century twenty-first Century, the requirements under the network economy, the financial weekly reported 3 media with negative reports and paid no smell and the way of forcing listed companies, listed companies "cooperation", "collect advertising fees". Two is personally involved in major cooperation matters, the decision for the twenty-first Century economic report, an important customer, direct the relevant editor to delete negative reports.

the police investigation also found that in the delete draft encountered resistance, editor of Shen Hao does not perform instructions to refuse to delete draft out; in the editing operations due to a conflict of interest, by improving the editorial department to ensure their income, according to the requirements of writing and delete negative reports.

in addition, in order to maximize the maintenance of "cooperation" initiative to coordinate the interests of the company, Shen Hao subordinates report matters 3 media on the "cooperation", and the final decision to delete negative news releases or reports.

preliminary police verification, Shen Hao et al. Using the above method, forcing nearly 100 companies.

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