Buy network 24 coupons suspend business employees collective holiday

buy site 24 coupons in the sudden announcement of a group of 20 to buy the business, the collective collective long holiday for consumers and businesses, the news is particularly sudden and overwhelmed.

this month 20 days, 24 tickets a letter containing CEO Du Yinan, joint statement signed by the staff outflow statement shows that due to the conflict with investors, 24 coupons to suspend all business activities online sales, from October 20th onwards indefinitely and resumed normal operations for the shareholder level to solve the funding problems after reasonable and team motivation. In this regard, the industry believes that the 24 coupons and investors are in a fierce way to see who is the first step.

previous buy can not consume

"the group purchase account today yesterday a superb collection of beautiful things, could not be opened again, the group purchase services are also invalid." One consumer said. Reporter login 24 coupons to buy the network found that all the current purchase information is nothing, leaving only a sound card and a customer service call. The statement said: because of the company’s major business adjustments, the company decided to temporarily enter a period of ‘long vacation’."

reporter learned through the customer service phone, in the "long" period, after the consumer group purchase can not be all consuming, and not through the website account, need to wait for the 24 ticket refund, announced the resumption of business related to the query etc..

in this regard, a group purchase website founder said, for businesses, now most worried about is what time to recover after the payment, and for consumers, is how to protect the rights and interests and the back group purchase account. No matter what the situation, once the 24 tickets delayed more than two weeks, will face a crisis of confidence irreparable.

entrepreneurs refers to withdrawals from

in a staff oriented joint statement, Du Yinan and staff representatives accused the old shareholders (investors), before signed confirmation of additional company invested millions of dollars, but the funds credited into account, but without the company’s management team to know, suddenly in September will account for $2 million 400 thousand in illegal pumping. Subsequently, the management team has found a new investment opportunities, but the old shareholders in the case of illegal transfer of the company’s funds, but do not agree with the new financing terms (especially incentive provisions), to prevent the injection of new capital. Period, the creditors of the company to apply to the court to force the request for compensation, this situation only under the suspension of all business decisions. It is understood that the 24 coupons involved in the decision to include the Beijing headquarters and the headquarters of the 24 coupons and nearly all of the staff of the company’s 12 branches and offices.

buy corporate financing after the sad

"$2 million 400 thousand to 24 coupons killed?" in this regard, in Internet technology company vice president Xiong Zifu believe that this is behind the group purchase enterprise financing after sorrow. In fact, the recent period of time, our CEO statue was fired by the CEO handle network overhead, and even the whole electric business group purchase website founder and investor sword "

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