Xiamen netizen Wang Peng registered your sister want to build subway funny collection site



Beijing Metro Line 5 passenger information display system was suddenly Wang Peng your sister, the four characters occupy

southeast Network – strait Herald October 11th news (reporter Zhang Shunhe) in October 8th 4 pm, Beijing Metro Line 5 passenger information display system was suddenly "your sister Wang Peng" four characters take Metro Line 5 23 stations were affected by the. After the investigation, the original one of the training of Beijing subway operator mistakenly, and colleagues will be the words of ridicule click release.

a time, "your sister Wang Peng" fire network, funny and more than that, on the day of the Oolong incident, "your sister Wang Peng" wangpengnimei.com is a domain name registered users in Xiamen.

was removed, Mr. Gao, the Herald reporter yesterday contacted registered the domain name and website. He built this domain name website, less than two days attracted more than 7 thousand and 500 comments, then he will be ready to create a website similar to subway funny highlights.

some people want to spend 100 thousand to buy the domain name

yesterday, the Herald reporter learned that inquires, this amusing incident occurred after only one hour, wangpengnimei.com domain name is registered, then, wangpengnimei.cn/.com.cn/.net/.org series of domain names were registered by a different person, the speed is astounding.

among them, the most popular is wangpengnimei.com, the domain name is also immediately after the completion of the registration website. Yesterday afternoon, the Herald reporter login to the site found that the site is quite simple, the top row is "I am Beijing subway, I was the sister of Wang Peng black" funny characters, the center is the scene of seven or eight "Wang Peng your sister" event collage.

however, followed by "have to say" is extraordinary. Yesterday afternoon, less than two days, there have been a number of comments, the degree of popularity is evident in the more than 7 thousand and 500.

comments in addition to the ridicule of the event, there are a lot of the main reaction speed of the station, such as I can not chase it, severe, really have a business mind, and other words of admiration and sigh. More netizens threatened to "buy the domain name 100 thousand".

had just wanted to spend a few dozen dollars to play, did not expect such a fire." Yesterday, the Xiamen public domain name registration Mr. Gao told the Herald reporter, said that in October 8th 4 in the afternoon he saw Wang Peng in the micro-blog your sister "after the incident, I feel very funny, so more than 5 pm the same day in the name Chinese registered the domain name online.

to build Metro energy-saving website

originally, Mr. Gao is a IT practitioners, there is usually registered domain >

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