360 Tencent privacy war and then upgrade Jinshan follow the trend of privacy protection

360 launched the privacy protection of the Internet privacy war controversy escalated again. Yesterday afternoon, the 360 companies called the media, announced that once again upgrade the privacy of the 360, and released the user privacy protection white paper, open the work principle of all the 360 software.

QQ product team immediately issued a "solemn declaration", said the 360 launch of privacy protection aims to slander Tencent qq.

360: upgrade privacy protector again

360 company yesterday at the press conference said that so far, there are 80 million users to download the 360 privacy protector. The company has now upgraded 360 privacy protection.

Based on the new version of

360 privacy protection in monitoring TM 4 Tencent, Tencent QQ chat software, the new focus on user privacy protection function file, the default privacy protected directory includes "My Documents", MSN chat data, Tencent QQ user data files and other sensitive position.

According to

QQ, 360, President Qi Xiangdong said that the software should not cross the border health behavior, public chat system resources calls to the operating system, but should not have access to personal information without the user’s knowledge. The QQ scan file and account security is not directly related, and specifically aimed at Tencent’s competitive products and user privacy information."

questioned about the 360 will not access user privacy information, the 360 company chairman Zhou Hongyi said, 360 as a security software to scan the user’s hard drive, this is to inform consumers, but the 360 will not upload user privacy, do not do cross-border behavior.

QQ:360 deliberately slander

QQ product team that night immediately issued "about a company" slander Tencent QQ spy on user privacy "solemn declaration", this is the second Tencent Inc in the national day before the media on 360 privacy report low-key statement after the first positive response to the 360 challenge. The statement took an unprecedented harsh wording.

said in a statement released 360 privacy protection aims to slander Tencent qq. Tencent has always attached importance to the protection of user privacy, there is no privacy act. Maligned QQ is the main security check module. Check the executable file is the industry’s anti-virus software, general technology, does not involve user privacy." The statement said that the purpose of this inspection is to protect the user’s QQ account. The 360 deliberately misinterpreted or misleading users seem to be normal QQ operations and security checks are like in the peeping user privacy".

"we must point out that as a self proclaimed" professional security software vendors’ business, but has a security check this principle and method is very common, unless it is deliberately slander, or doubtful of their professional competence. This fool user behavior has seriously damaged the reputation of the QQ, we will take legal means to safeguard their own.

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