The choice of e commerce website optimization for small and medium sized enterprises

According to the analysis of the present network marketing

small shrimp: 80% small and medium-sized enterprises in Beijing sites are morbid, there are countless small companies, these companies do not want to spend money on the Internet website, but also want to make a difference, a bit ridiculous, you want to make money must be willing to invest, this is not willing to blindly spend money, if you encounter a a good network marketing companies to give advice and suggestions for you, your money will bring more than ten times or even 100 times the return to you. For a good network marketing company, please do not mean that a little more investment, should pay attention to how to make the network company know your product, your service, your heavy group, network marketing companies to understand these will make your website to promote better.

first e-commerce marketing to say the most important point of the site optimization keywords:

What is the

keyword optimization: keyword optimization that is a keyword search your site in Baidu or Google home page, such as some time ago to do a website is selling the anti smoking drug, he optimization of the key is to quit smoking products, although the number of Ip every day brings little, but for an e-commerce website it does not depend on the flow of money, but the money by selling products, search traffic to generation of smoking cessation products are prospective customers, as long as you do website for the network marketing so his conversion rate will be very high.

keyword selection step:

the first step to determine the core keywords

for a single product site, the core keywords is the name of such products; for a variety of products, the site, the name of each product is the core keywords.

second step core keywords definition of the extended

first, many products are not only a name (such as: electric cooker and electric cooker is also referred to as the camera, camera etc.).

secondly, if the product is not for a single region, but also to consider the product in different geographical names (such as: the mouse in Taiwan and other places also known as sliding mark or cursor, rice noodles, Sichuan people called rice, etc.).

finally, the core keywords are combined with manufacturer, brand, origin (or rich) combination (such as: GREE air-conditioning, Fuling Sanlu milk powder, mustard, etc.) and product characteristics (such as: optical mouse, leather belt, glass tea ring etc.), multiple combinations of color chords (such as: Mobile phone digital high-definition TV, sofa, leather).

third step stand in the customer perspective to expand keywords

this requires the simulation of customer thinking, assuming that he is a prospective customer, to buy a product, then I will generally use what kind of word to search. This step from multiple to complete, according to customer feedback information to find, can consult the customers, sales personnel, agents, can also let many people simulate the customer thinking, then they search words were arranged, all personal habits are not the same.

The fourth step of

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