The early 5th information website promotion website promotion summary

some time ago, five wrote an article "the fifth information online four months experience", "the article published in several webmaster site, this is the fifth in a few months according to their own personal experience, I believe that the vast majority of novice webmaster will in the end have the same feeling. Since the fifth information on the line for four months, five have been devoted to the promotion of the website. Read a large number of senior webmaster through this period of time, the fifth think the success of a web site is not only the location of the site and the webmaster should pay attention to and pay attention to the site early promotion work.

fifth information is just a small online site for several months, as compared with other webmasters website, it is not worth mentioning. But in the current China fifth that of the Internet, such as five novice webmaster is a large part of them, or to interest or to life and set up their own website. However, we all hope that their website can be known to others, can be accessed by other people, therefore, the promotion of the site is an essential process.

There are many kinds of

network at present introduces the website promotion way, but not all of the website promotion way for small five such novice webmaster. The fifth is to introduce themselves to everyone in the website promotion methods used during these four months, perhaps these methods all have heard, but have no effect, then the fifth say, website promotion is not a day, two days, three days fishing, two days "attitude is no, the need to adhere to the webmaster of website promotion. Here we give a method of using the Fifth Fifth information introduced in the promotion process (Note: Although these methods are not the best, but there is no need to "tighten their belts" webmaster took Money "):

first, the use of Baidu’s user groups to promote the site


in the earlier Baidu PPC and CCTV exposure, but we have to admit that Baidu is the first major search engines China, the vast majority of Internet users are using Baidu group, this number is very terrible. If we can get a very small part of the flow from Baidu, it is enough to make our site traffic surge.

You may know

, using the Baidu web site promotion is the use of Baidu and Baidu know Post Bar, indeed, five also think so, in Baidu know web site promotion we need to attract people’s eyeballs rather than ask questions and then use your vest to answer their own questions, if you do, you is not successful in Baidu know the website promotion.

in Baidu know, Post Bar promotion note, you must first one or several articles have the value choice in the site, the number should not be too much; secondly, to put forward the question according to your article, and to add high five, normally with 100 points. This time you can visit your vest in someone else’s computer to answer the question, can a few days on his computer, landing back.

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