Forum marketing back three steps

1 select products in line with the forum

In the implementation of

website forum marketing, must according to the characteristics of web products, select the appropriate forum, it is best to hit the target of the forum. Take my forum as an example, Longjiang 365 positioning Harbin consumer, information, life forum, then I should be based on the characteristics of this forum, Harbin to promote this particular region. For example: the major gateway forum city channel.

2 clever design post content

as a carrier to deliver products West, information communication depends on the success of the title of the post, the main thread and three parts, if a thread can attract users click, and subtly convey product information, and allow users to feel its AD posts, so this post can be said to be quite success.

(1) Title: it can be said that the key to the success of the post is to write the title is not appropriate, the title of the write attractive or not directly determine the posts of the browser, so the title is the key post.

(2) ZhuTie: when the title was lured to the main content, quality posts directly determine the reply, so the write post content, can be put in the title of controversial scene, in a post, to convey products on the user’s importance or relevance. In reply to the suspense, the product information can also occur in reply, therefore suggest ZhuTie as long as the product information to the narrative, don’t need to add too much product information, avoid causing netizens antipathetic.

(3): General replies to product replies for users "subjective" comment, when the Internet was the main title, attract, check and reply, that is "real identity" post exposure time. Evaluation is too high will lead the user to perceive the intent of the entire post, affecting the effect of product communication. Therefore in the written reply to take divergent thinking, a cover for product information, will the possible negative emotions to a minimum.

3 timely and effective tracking posts

Post issued, if not to the late follow-up maintenance, then will soon go down, especially popular popularity forum, Shen posts can not play the role of marketing, the late post maintenance of how important it is visible.

in a timely manner to the top posts, you can always post in a screen, will be targeted users browse. Maintenance post don’t blindly praise, exaggerated evaluation, grasp the scale from the opposite side to refute (not important shortcomings products to say, for example, the color is not good, this), jump argument can post a "hot" which caused by..

injection for more users

Longjiang 365 http://s./ I have a link to the forum can find me oh.


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