Video industry wonderful market behavior based on the promotion of content

has always been very supportive of Youku, because its video quality is pretty good, plus had to purchase The Voice of China and a series of video products, Youku can be said in our eyes is a video fixed choice. But this is as it should be the dominant position, just because The Voice of China products to sign and network drama hit and disappear, this had to let us start the battle for the reflection of the video industry should first focus on the promotion and the content of


, of course, Youku potatoes is also considered a relatively good company, which involves the field is not a simple video playback, its business aside from the film, but also related to the field of news. Compared to some other video sites, Youku potatoes since entering the industry earlier, so have certain advantages, but with the development of mobile Internet and traditional media network for attention, Youku potatoes in terms of news performance has gradually been the Phoenix video of the play, by Baidu Iqiyi closure in the search engine, in popular entertainment, to "The Voice of China" as an example, by the Sohu video away, and in the homemade video field, compared the self-made drama and traditional film company works, very shallow and vulgar, with homemade play network users, is clearly too naive, imagine a few homemade drama can be true it is water works? According to insiders, Youku potatoes 11 homemade movies last year there are 10 not only red red, "the old man Child also lost a lot of money. It really makes you wonder whether the quality of the content of the dedication is paranoid.

although we are talking about the TV users declined sharply, for the network video platform threats increasingly reduced, but to be honest, some good movies on TV or preferred to play out, such as the husband, for example, you come from the stars, these episodes are often first on television, and online video platform only to attract users in the ultra smooth speed and random demand, this is a use of the delay, so the network video content for screening for survival has not imagined our hearts unbreakable. But we don’t forget, like television, now video site profitable is to rely on advertising, some hot video content, such as grass root man titles advertising has more than a minute, the video is simply a bad user experience, whether it is the current relatively popular video, or Sohu that has occupied the flow of the first APP of Baidu television, advertising is an important means of profit, this let us rethink for network video website can really

once and for all?

so the current video industry can not effectively produce high quality content to attract stable users, it means the advantage of all two conversions, customer loyalty is also not as reliable as you imagined, so the author is concerned, the competition in the video industry is still concentrated in the promotion, as my secretarial website, the content is repeatedly transformed and sharing, the extended form of color is to win "

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