A mask is how to do marketing WeChat annual sales of billions of dollars

lead: a price high and unknown mask is how to let consumers pay, even with annual sales of billions of dollars? What is the secret behind the



WeChat marketing is a hot topic, but also a new topic, but brick house and big wet who seem to appear faster than any industry, which is more than any industry.

today, I would like to talk to a large domestic cosmetics factory owners, said they are also planning to engage in WeChat marketing. The boss thought originated from a training speaker, known as the first person Chinese WeChat marketing, the two day course will charge thirty thousand. In the mouth of the master, WeChat marketing can not do anything, is a decadent magic wand, under his guidance, there will be a number of enterprises in WeChat last year’s sales of 100 million.

boy, so fierce. Later, I went to carefully study the case of the master guide, we take a look at such a company is how to make money on WeChat.

the company’s main product is a mask, there are three models, the price is $198, containing ten pieces of mask, known as whitening, skin care has a very magical effect.

from the price point of view, the company’s products are quite high. You know the mask is a lot of women every day use of consumables, in Taobao, the best selling single mainstream products several price is between 5-10 yuan, so this is not well-known brand, pricing high mask is how to let consumers pay, even with annual sales of billions of dollars of


good at packaging

although the product is not known, but the company is very good at packaging their products, and the main means of operation is the star effect.

in a famous TV show, a star actually introduced this brand of facial mask, and claimed that he is in use, the effect is how good. And this video is also the company deliberately intercepted down, put on almost every product introduction page.

In addition to the

, the company also deliberately created such an illusion: the product is actually a lot of celebrities and celebrities are in use, in fact, the entertainment world is the ace of skin care products.

such packaging for female users of the marketing effect of power is very great, dispel the doubts of many people.

is down to earth.This product is the main

on WeChat to sell, while writing promotional copy mode is also combined with the characteristic of WeChat, very down to earth.

product composition, characteristics, these in other media as the focus of the introduction of the material is not the focus, all the documents are around the user’s feedback and the use of "contrast effect before and after" expansion.

I added a small number of agents of the company’s products, found that most of their circle of friends is the issue of WeChat

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