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handle China stocks or landing Nasdaq was scheduled for November 14th in the United States NASDAQ handle network (micro-blog) the first battle lost, IPO suspension, which makes a lot of investors gasped. Things are getting worse and worse. The anonymity of the investment bank said, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) received a "handle accounting fraud report mail, this superposition stocks frequently exposure of financial scandals, SEC approved the listing rules more strictly in the reverse acquiring company 16 finally.

under the new rules, any hope that through reverse mergers (backdoor listing) of the enterprise, must be in the first year counter market trading, in order to NASDAQ (NASDAQ), Euronext New York (NYSEEuronext) and Euronext New York National Stock Exchange (NYSEAmex) listing listing.

this is a signal, Chinese stocks listed in the United States officially entered the frozen period, which is estimated to last two or three years." Black capital managing director Yu Xiangdong told reporters this analysis in Nandu.

report handle forced new deal introduced

a report, triggering a crisis of confidence in China’s overall Wall Street stocks.

has close to the hands of the investment bank who told the media that the handle has indeed been suspended IPO roadshow, and delay IP O time. The reason is that the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and investors received a report e-mail, need to clarify some of the accounting.

, the investment bank said that this mine has a "malicious nature", after all, handle roadshow in Hongkong is fairly smooth, "handle the original plan with 50 investment banks, and there are more than and 70, there are still many investors interested in China group purchase."

but in the past few months, Chinese stocks of financial scandals broke out, "from March to June, just 3 months, there are 20 Chinese companies listed in the United States, because of the disclosure, financial problems and other issues, suspended or delisted." Black capital managing director Yu Xiangdong told reporters that Wall Street could not come to the operation status of Listed Companies in the United States Chinese, investors only through the disclosure of financial statements to make decisions, "honesty" is a very serious problem, even if the enterprise "Zhicuojiugai" will still be labeled "bad boy" label.

results, the handle hit the muzzle, the worst thing happened.

SEC approved 16 "reverse takeover" deal with an iron hand. And in June of this year, SEC chairman Marie · (MarySchapiro) also said that SEC is considering the introduction of more stringent regulatory measures to improve the threshold of foreign companies listed in the United States through reverse acquisition in the. But the time is not ripe".

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