Forum sense a person to do really difficult

      as everyone knows, the rise and fall of a jar depends largely on its popularity.

      and the initial increase in popularity, should increase the number of posts, the more interesting information, this should be done for every forum friends are relatively good.

      secondly, it is perseverance. Carefully read the "new reading" after the discovery, the original is the most important, the essence of the forum, the forum is used to communicate, and this communication is based on personal experience. As we all know, to learn English well, we must practice every day. The forum is the same, do it well, it can’t be 32 days, must maintain the forum every day new information, the best original content, here without moderator and members.

      to the late stage, management is particularly important. If the initial establishment of a relatively sound management model, and then follow it down, of course, the best. But for more friends, this model is often developed in the "bruises Gunpa", can only be used to draw the experience of others, to do the forum must have its unique side, this is the core of the forum. Around the core and then develop the forum will have good achievements……

      the above is my personal a little experience, because I also do in the jar, I feel a person, really difficult.

      own Forum opened more than 1 months, the number of topics has been 367, can only be the member of the 27, I insist on posting every day, I believe in the near future, there will be some harvest.

      hope to work together with everyone!

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